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2023 seems to be a year that will mark a before and after within streaming video platforms. It all started when Netflix decided to put an end to shared accounts, which caused an avalanche of unsubscribes that it has quickly compensated with the free plan with ads, a plan that has also improved the viewing resolution and allows up to two people to access the platform at the same time. Shortly after, HBO Max announced a name change that will come in the coming months, the removal of part of its catalog of series and movies. The one that is missing Disney +, has also moved token.

Disney+ just announced that, from May 26, a large number of series and movies currently available in its extensive catalog will no longer be available forever. This movement is striking since these are series and films that are part of Disney, that is, we are not talking about audiovisual content to which it has the rights, as has traditionally always happened on Netflix, a platform that withdraws part of its available content. when the rights you have end.

Of all the catalog that Disney will withdraw from its platform, the new series is especially striking. Willow, which, with only one season and quite mixed reviews, was not renewed for a second season. Another case that also attracts attention and that was one of the exclusive content with which Disney + came to the market is The world according to Jeff Goldbluma nature documentary series that received very good reviews from users and the specialized press.

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You still have a few days to access this catalog before it is removed, for now forever from Disney+:

  • On the other side of the institute
  • Raise Your Voice: The Music of Wakanda Forever
  • America: Extraordinary Landscapes
  • How the Sparkshorts were made
  • Darby and the spirits
  • Total Disaster: Detective Agency
  • twelve at home
  • The magnificent Ivan
  • The world according to Jeff Goldblum
  • Nate’s dream
  • Chosen to guide
  • between the stars
  • young entrepreneurs
  • The great lie
  • The mysterious society Benedict
  • The devil’s girl
  • The princess
  • The true chosen for glory
  • be our chef
  • We are the best: A new era
  • stargirl
  • Stuntman: The stuntman
  • supercreators
  • Earth calling Ned
  • a dogs life
  • journey into the occult
  • back on stage
  • Willow
  • Willow, that’s how the magic was made
  • Y: The last man

When Netflix withdraws its catalog of its content, it always does so because the broadcast rights it had have expired, so if they do not have enough demand from users, the company does not bother to renew them, as long as it has the option. . Disney, with a wide catalog of series and movies in its possession, is shooting itself in the foot by starting to withdraw the catalog for no reason and without offering any justification in this regard. If we continue on this path, the loss of users that this platform will lose will be even greater than in the last quarter, in which it lost 4 million subscribers.

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