The RTX 4060 are here, but are they worth it?

Today, June 29, is the official launch day for the RTX 4060. NVIDIA released its GeForce RTX 40 series last year, and we’ve been reviewing its graphics cards ever since. Now it is the turn of this, low-end, which seeks to promise good performance at an affordable cost.

We are going to see if it is really worth acquiring this component in relation to its cost or, on the contrary, it is preferable to opt for something of better quality, even if we already go at a higher price.

RTX 4060 Is it worth it?

There are many pages that have already had early access to this graph, and today we will base ourselves on the performance tests and opinions that techpowerup gives us. Which offers us a very good summary of the real value of this card.

First of all, we must remember that we are talking about a low-end oriented component, it does not mean that it is bad, simply that its cost and manufacturing is designed based on being able to offer an affordable sale price.

The objective of this model is to give the user a gameplay to 1080p and over 60 FPS, that is, image quality in a fluid way. And it seems, that this point, takes it well.

The tests carried out by the aforementioned medium indicate that after testing 25 games, the conclusion reached is that the RTX 4060 is not capable of surpassing the RTX 3060 Ti of the previous generation. Something that does not seem to indicate a good point in her favor. As compared to the RTX 4060 Ti, the performance difference is 20%.

Another of the battles that took place shows that the aged NVIDIA’s RTX 2080 offers roughly the same performance as the RTX 4060. Something that surprises us a lot.

Probably the strongest point for the GeForce RTX 4060 is the support for DLSS generation 3.

RTX 4060 fans

GeForce RTX 4060 comes with a buffer of 8GB VRAM, 4 GB less than the RTX 3060 of the last generation. Although in the tests carried out, it offers 8% higher performance despite having 4 GB less.

As for its operation associated with its temperature, we must speak well of it, since with its triple slot and double fan it manages to cool the graphics card to lower levels than any of its other models. So the heat will not be a problem.

In the same way, in terms of energy, this card achieves values ​​that are around 130 W consumption. Much lower and more efficient than the RTX 3060, for example, which would reach 180 W.

RTX 4060

In summary, and according to the data that techpowerup offers us, this card has many positive points, it is not a bad low-end option, however, its price of $299 It seems too tight to a component that is honestly not worth it. With far superior options for very little more. Therefore, except for a drop in its sale value, we would be before a graphics card with an excessive cost to what it manages to contribute. They have wanted to adjust the price so much that in the end they have not released a low range as such in all aspects.

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