The Trust GXT 863 Mazz arrives, the cheapest mechanical gaming keyboard

Today we do not conceive of the use of a PC without a keyboard and mouse, in the same way that we cannot conceive of a gaming PC in these times that is not accompanied by quality peripherals that have been expressly designed for games. Thus, Trust enters the mechanical keyboard market with the GXT 863 Mazz, a keyboard that seeks to provide all users with everything they need in the right measure and at a more than competitive price.

This is GXT 863 Mazz, the mechanical keyboard from Trust

Trust GXT 863 Mazz
Kind Mechanical
illumination Yes, in white, red, orange, green, blue and purple
Connection type USB 2.0 Type-A
Anti-ghosting Yes, N-Key Rollover
N-Key Rollover Full
Multimedia control Yes, via Fn key combination
Compatible OS Everyone
Switch Outemu Red
Operational style Linear
Operational force 60 g
Actuation point 2 mm
Total distance 4 mm
Time of life 50 million keystrokes
Type of cable Meshed
Cable length 1.80 m
Width 437 mm
High 35 mm
Long 136 mm
Weight 730 g

Trust’s GXT 863 Mazz represents the manufacturer’s entry into the mechanical gaming keyboard market, and it does so by standing out as we’ve mentioned before for a price that really makes it the most attractive: barely 49.99 euros.

The manufacturer has integrated into this keyboard Outemu Red mechanical switches, quite fast linear mechanisms that guarantee a good response time and high reliability, since they are guaranteed to withstand up to 50 million keystrokes per key. Of course, we can’t talk about a mechanical keyboard without anti-ghosting technology, and Trust has taken this to the extreme by integrating technology N-Key Rollover, which means that you can press as many keys simultaneously as you want that the keyboard will pick them up without blocking and send them to the PC without any problem and automatically, since its response time is only 1 ms (1,000 Hz Polling Rate ).

The Outemu Red mechanical switches that integrate the GXT 863 Mazz are designed to be very fast and responsive, but unlike the original Cherry MX Red on which they base their design, it takes 30 grams of force to enter its actuation point, which means that involuntary keystrokes will be largely avoided in exchange for causing a little more fatigue when typing, something that should not be a problem in a keyboard designed for games since in this area it is not that you are constantly typing but more well hitting the keys to achieve victory in your games.

The Outemu Red switches on this Trust mechanical keyboard have a guaranteed 50 million keystroke life time, with a 2mm actuation point and 4mm total travel so that NOTES will capitalize the keystrokes despite their linear travel. According to Trust, this keyboard has been designed to last, and this is also extended to the good quality of materials with which it has been manufactured, although it is true that we are talking about a keyboard that does not have aluminum trims as they usually have. higher-end keyboards, something that on the other hand tends to make its price quite expensive.

Trust mechanical keyboard switches

The GXT 863 Mazz is equipped with the best N-Key Rollover anti-ghosting technology that will allow you to focus on the game regardless of the degree of difficulty of the game, since you can trust that the keyboard will respond to your keystrokes instantly and diligently. It has a button to activate the game mode that deactivates the Windows key to ensure that you do not accidentally press it, which would cause it to take you out of the game.

Finally, it remains to talk about its lighting; It is a bit strange to see today a mechanical gaming keyboard that does not have RGB lighting, but in the case of the GXT 863 Mazz Trust has decided to limit it to avoid the use of software, so that you can configure thanks to its shortcuts with keys function (Fn) illumination in white, red, orange, green, blue and purple, but you will not be able to configure independent lighting per key.

A cheap gaming keyboard to cut through your desk

Trust GXT Mazz mechanical keyboard

As we mentioned at the beginning, we live in a time in the gaming industry in which it is quite difficult for a manufacturer to stand out above the rest; There are those who seek to do it incorporating new features that no one else has, while the most normal thing is to look for striking designs and above all the best possible performance, since after all it is what gamers are looking for, but in the end all these innovations and the use of special materials makes the product too expensive.

What Trust has sought with this keyboard is to provide all the features that gamers need in their keyboard to achieve victory but adjusting as much as possible in budget, so that they can offer a keyboard with the very interesting features of this GXT 863 Mazz as low as € 49.99; Also keep in mind that this is its launch price, and knowing the brand’s precedents, it will very likely not take long to see it on sale in stores like Amazon, where by the way it is already available for purchase.

If we had to get problems with this keyboard … the truth is that we would have it complicated, but there are two elements that we miss even though they are not “necessary” at all, such as a USB Passthrough port that always comes in handy ( and very especially if you have wireless headphones) but above all that a wrist rest is included, since at the end of the day products designed for gaming must also be designed for ergonomics since we spend hours and hours in front of the PC, and a wrist rest helps a lot when it comes to feeling comfortable. Of course, these two characteristics are not necessary as such and would make the price of the device more expensive, so we cannot count them as negative points either.

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