The vibrations of your motorcycle could break the camera of your iPhone

Bad vibe, out

As specified by Apple in an official document published on its website, certain vibration frequencies (basically very high ones) are capable of affecting the stabilization and autofocus systems of their phones. This is something that could happen especially in large displacement motorcycles, such as a Harley-Davidson or any other high-powered motorcycle.

These vibrations seem to directly affect the stabilization systems, and it is that the classic handlebar mounts responsible for bringing the device into view to be able to use it as GPS, they would be transmitting the vibrations directly to the device, which would cause the internal components to break.

And we are talking about movement compensation systems, such as the gyroscope in charge of stabilizing the image, or the integrated magnetic sensors that measure the effects of gravity and vibration to compensate for movements in the face of autofocus, that is, components of microscopic size that would lose their millimeter settings due to vibrations that could be harmless to the naked eye.

Powerful, and not so powerful

The interesting thing about the note is that Apple also cites simpler motorcycles, such as mopeds or scooters, and although it ensures that the amplitude of the vibrations will be much lower, it recommends taking precautions, especially in prolonged sessions of use. This is something that possibly directly affects those people who work as a delivery person, where the use of the telephone as a browser is basically essential for their work.

Will it also affect Android models?

Taking into account that the optical stabilization systems of the main manufacturers are extremely similar, it is very possible that some high-end Android models that we can find in the market are also affected by this type of problem, since we are talking about an action physics on a hardware component. For that reason, some Android models may also suffer from this problem.

What solution is there?

The simplest and most obvious solution is to remove the device from the handlebar or chassis, since we would be avoiding the transmission of vibrations to the device. If you are using it as a GPS, Apple recommends the use of cushioned mounts, although we have not been able to find models that can guarantee this function.

Perhaps, in the case of needing navigation systems, the most practical solution is to acquire a separate GPS that is specially prepared to place on motorcycles, since the price of losing the correct functioning of the camera of your iPhone 12 perhaps is too high a price to pay.

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