The Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro will be excellent camera phones, here’s why

A leaker revealed on Twitter the photo configuration of the next two smartphones that Xiaomi will present this fall: the 13T and 13T Pro. According to him, they would both be equipped with giant main sensors. The secondary sensors would not be outdone either. Results, the two smartphones should excel in photography. Explanations.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra

It’s not really a surprise: after the 13 series, Xiaomi should present during the fall, the 13T series. They will serve as a link between the Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro and Xiaomi 13 Ultra that we tested and the Xiaomi 14 series which is expected early next year and which is already the subject of several leaks. According to rumors, the Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro could be officially presented as early as September.

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And it’s believable: the leaks about them are more and more numerous. Recently, we relayed some of them in our columns. One of them reveals the design of the Pro version with this huge square photo module on the back. Another announcement that both phones will get four years of Android update and 5 years of security patch. Finally, a last one even announces that the prices will be more aggressive.

The configuration of the Xiaomi 13T and 13T Pro promises beautiful photos

On the photo side, the information is not numerous. We just learned in mid-August that the Xiaomi 13 T Pro should have three rear photo sensors, two Omnivision and one Sony, and a 20-megapixel front Sony sensor. Today, another leak confirms this first information and clarifies it. In addition, this second source announces the configuration of the Xiaomi 13T. And as much to say: the two smartphones will benefit from great improvements.

Let’s start with the Xiaomi 13T Pro. We would therefore find a sensor 50 megapixels Sony IMX707. This sensor is 1/1.28 inch. It’s really very large for a smartphone sensor, promise of great brightness. Alongside these would be an ultra-wide-angle sensor of 13 megapixels and a sensor 50 megapixels with telephoto lens (2x optical zoom). They replace two 8 megapixel and 2 megapixel sensors respectively (distance calculation).

The same giant main sensor in the Xiaomi 13T as in the 13T Pro

Let’s move on to the Xiaomi 13T. This one should take advantage of the same sensor Sony IMX707 of the Xiaomi 13T Pro. It would also have a new ultra wide-angle sensor and a telephoto with 2x optical zoom (replacing a 2 megapixel sensor for portrait mode). The definition of the last two elements of the Xiaomi 13T is not specified. But the appearance of an optical zoom is very good news. Xiaomi would therefore abandon the very high definition 200 and 108 megapixel sensors that you find in the 12T Pro and 12T, respectively. The goal: to improve luminosity and sharpness. We can’t wait to test this. See you in a few weeks for our review.

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