The Zelda movie closer: Universal and Nintendo are about to close a deal

After seeing how the Mario movie broke all possible records, it was to be hoped that Nintendo would not think too much about it when deciding to release a Zelda movie. And that is exactly what seems to be happening, since as it is being reported, it seems that the big N is beginning to move to close an agreement that ensures the production of another of the most anticipated films: that of Legend of Zelda.

A movie for the Zelda saga

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The information has been published on John Rocha’s podcast, where Jeff Sneider -critic and columnist specialized in cinema and with a multitude of contacts- has assured that very reliable sources have confirmed that Universal and Nintendo are already in the process of for Illumination to take over The Legend of Zelda movie.

As Sneider himself comments, this is not a surprise to anyone, since the incredible records achieved by the Super Mario movie They invite you to think that Nintendo will continue to repeat the formula until it can. Super Mario will have a second movie, and it was to be expected that other IPs would join the feature film bandwagon. And of course, the next to come onto the scene could not be other than the saga of The Legend of Zelda.

A saga with a lot to tell

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Those familiar with Zelda lore will know that a lot of movies can come from here. Whether or not they maintain the canon of the saga (if there is a specific one), everything related to Link and Zelda is so immense that directors and writers may have infinite sources of inspiration to start with. Of course, the beginning of the movie will have to be with Link waking up from a dream, of course.

A money making machine

Looking at the incredible work that Illumination did on the Super Mario movie, we have no doubt that a Zelda movie will be another guaranteed success. But don’t worry, this rumor is just the tip of the iceberg, and if it came true, it would be nothing more than the signing of the agreement with which to start from scratch.

There is still a lot to know about something related to the movie, so if you are already looking forward to seeing something, you better start playing Tears of the Kingdom and focus your attention on something else. It will be better not to think about the movie too much.

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