Logan Paul spends $5.4 million on a Pokémon card, the new world record

Logan Paul has once again made his mark in the fascinating world of Pokémon cards. This time, the Youtubeur has done well since he won the world record for the most expensive card. Indeed, he spent no less than 6 million dollars, or 5.4 million euros, to obtain an extremely rare Pikachu card. Which he has since decided to wear around his neck.

Credits: Logan Paul

If the spectacular revival of Pokémon cards is running out of steam with the general public, they continue to make waves with insiders. A popularity that the market owes in large part to the influencers who made it their business, including the now very famous Logan Paul. Accustomed to controversy on the web, the Youtubeur has recently become a great guru of Pokémon cards, to the point of spending pseveral million dollars in its acquisitions.

But this time, he pushed the cursor even further since he is now the holder of the world record for the most expensive pokemon card according to the Guinness Book of World Records. A title that cost him the trifle of $6 million (€5.4 million). For this price, he still leaves with a (fortunately) very rare Pikachu card, possibly the rarest available to date. In total, there would only beforty around the globe. It has been awarded the score of GEM Mint 10 by PSA, the official card classification society.

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Logan Paul buys a $6 million Pikachu card

However, there is reason to wonder if the card is really worth this price. We would be tempted to answer no, but it must be understood that Logan Paul does not only buy the card: he also buys the visibility it gives him. Indeed, this is not the first time that the Youtuber has put millions on the table for Pokémon cards. At the start of the year, he was notoriously scammed out of 3 million euros by receiving false cards.

But the enthusiasm generated by these purchases very likely allows him to make them profitable. Without counting on the fact that this famous Pikachu card will most certainly be sold even more expensive in a few weeks or months, the time that Logan Paul has finished expose it around his neckas he did in the 38th edition of the WrestleMania wrestling competition.

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