These are the reasons why teleworking has not yet generated unanimity

Despite the fact that teleworking has multiple advantages for part of the workers, there is no unanimity on the matter. And is that feel satisfied with the place where the functions take place not always synonymous with productivity. This is what emerges from the study carried out by Fellowes, in which 6,000 workers from all over Europe have participated.

Centered in Spain, there is no consensus in terms of full satisfaction from teleworking or working at home. The reasons are various: some have to do with the location of the ‘office’ in the home, since many people do not have a specific space in which to work and others more related to the consequences of not working in a space equipped to this, with elements that go beyond the purely technological and that have more to do with prevention.

This study has revealed that nine out of ten (96%) of Spanish workers consider satisfaction as important to them in their workplace regardless of whether it is in the office or at home. In addition, 93% of Spaniards affirm that this degree of satisfaction improves their productivity by more than 25%.

In order to help understand the attitude of workers in Spain towards satisfaction and productivity in the workplace, the results of this study also serve as information for companies in order to know the best way to navigate the new hybrid work model, in which a part of it is developed in the office and another part at home.

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After a year of teleworking and hybrid models, the study indicates that 37% of Spanish workers who work from home say they feel more productive in the office and 30% say they feel more productive with a hybrid model. Do youWhy there is no unanimity?

Creating a workplace away from noise, distractions and in which the posture is correct to be able to work are some of the essential requirements that they demand.

Satisfaction landscape

When analyzing and comparing the results and the responses of the Spaniards with the workers of the other countries included in the study, a landscape of satisfaction in the workplace was drawn based on three fundamental elements. These are:

  • A healthy workspace, highlighting that 91% of Spanish employees believe that an ergonomic space is essential to improve their productivity. More than 80% also say that it is important for companies to invest in ergonomics because it is to invest in productivity. Elements such as footrests, lumbar backrests, arms or monitor supports or ergonomic mice are some of the accessories that they consider essential to be able to carry out work in a healthy way. In fact, 83% say that having an ergonomic environment that has a good chair with a back, a desk at its height and a monitor suitable for eye level, they consider it essential to feel fully satisfied and improve their productivity.
  • A clean work environment, in which 89% of workers in Spain recognize that it is important to invest in clean and healthy air using air purifiers with a HEPA filter, stating that this improves their productivity due to the peace of mind of breathing healthy air. Furthermore, 54% of all European workers answered that good ventilation favors a better smell indoors, which improves the satisfaction index.
  • Have a space ororganized and orderly of work. 91% of Spaniards believe that having a clean and organized workspace is important for their productivity. That companies invest in solutions to organize and store the office is important for 85% of them.

The current situation of the new work models also has a place in this study by Fellowes, with a revealing data: 36% of Europeans prefer the hybrid working day compared to 24% who prefer only to work from home. The reasons are in the lack of a place that allows them to concentrate and feel productive and in the need to have healthy equipment that allows them to spend the same hours working at home as they do in the office.

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