these devices will take care of the garden for you

Most likely, at some point you have read about home automation to install in our homes. It is very common to talk about security cameras, lighting, productivity or some other device to improve our lives indoors. But the home automation market is expanding much more, and it is that abroad we can also install different devices that can help us in many ways. The gardens are a part of the house where you can live, play sports, or have leisure time with friends and family. Enhance your garden with these outdoor home automation accessories.

Must-have devices for your garden

Gardens can be a place to relax, or spend time if we like gardening. In these sections, we can use home automation to make them have certain levels of automation. And for this we have different devices that can transform our outdoor space into a much more pleasant place. Which directly allows us to make it possible to enjoy this space in new ways.

Home automation for automatic irrigation

Surely at some point you have come to see one of these systems that are activated at certain times to irrigate. Until recently, that required a small timer installed near the hydrant of your home’s automatic irrigation system, which simply provided the basic function of setting schedules. But this has evolved into equipment that can connect to the Internet and provide us with some information about the state of the garden.

External Irrigation

For this we can use the Eve Aqua that we can find on Amazon for around 90 euros, but it can be bought on sale on some occasions for less money. This is compatible with the main home automation managers, and with different accessories that can be had in the garden. But its functionalities also allow us to save water, since it does not depend on someone turning off the tap.

Its configuration is very simple and intuitive, and it has a very friendly interface. But the latter may depend on the system we use to control it, since it is different in design between Android and iOS. On the other hand, it is compatible with Siri, so it can be controlled by voice commands and is a great outdoor home automation accessory.

Moisture meter for plants and grass

This device is closely related to the previous one. We can install a humidity meter in the plants or also in the grass, with the aim of knowing the level of humidity they have and knowing if they have to be watered or not. It is recommended that these types of devices have a design that is inserted into the ground, it is not recommended to buy one that measures ambient humidity, because this humidity that they measure can change enormously compared to the ground.

We can find a humidity meter for plants at a price of approximately 30 euros, it is very important that they have an application to manage all the devices that we buy, and that is that we can buy several packs of meters to put them in different areas of our garden and see where it is necessary to water.

Outdoor sockets

We cannot install a conventional power strip outside, because we could have a serious problem due to the fact that water or other factors can cause short circuits. That they have waterproof protection, are made of a fireproof material, and an anti-splash design with some protector. That they have these characteristics is very important, because here they will be connected to other devices that we want to keep safe at all costs.

These can also have some varied functions, such as timers to turn on and off, or sensors that tell us how much energy they have used during use. The more features it has, the more expensive it will be. Although we are not dealing with something exactly cheap, it may be worth it so that everything works correctly.

As you can see, home automation is not just for the interior, increasing the security of our home or automating functions. In the garden we can also install different outdoor home automation devices that can make these places more pleasant, and incidentally help us save both electricity and water.

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