these websites give you everything that Google does not offer you

We use this program to move around the internet and visit all those websites and platforms that interest us or that we need. But as soon as we start the browser, the first thing we find is the home page we have set. From there we can access the rest of the online universe that is made available to us. For reasons of convenience or simply out of habit, on many occasions we find that the Google search engine is configured as the home page.

But we must bear in mind that in these times and as it has advanced Internet in recent years, today this is not the best option for everyone. With this, what we want to tell you is that we have many other possibilities when it comes to configuring and establishing a home page in our favorite browser. In fact, there are some platforms or Web applications that allow us to make much more sense of this browser home page.

Moreover, the websites that we are talking about allow us to customize the content that is going to be displayed at that moment, to the maximum. This will improve and optimize our internet access from the first moment, as we will show you below. And it is that in these lines we are going to show you some of the proposals to get more out of the browser’s home page.

Perhaps this is one of the best known alternatives when it comes to accessing a fully customized website for the home page of our browser. In a simple way, this allows us to add a series of widgets and direct accesses to this home page to access all that content, nothing more start the program.

To all this we must add that this information is displayed in an intuitive and customizable way, since we can establish the placement and size of all the elements that we add.


This is another interesting page that allows us customize the start of our browser favorite internet. In addition, as in the previous case, if we create our own account on the platform we will be able to synchronize all the content that we add here between the different devices. Specifically, the home page of Protopage allows us to add all kinds of content perfectly cataloged and placed based on our preferences.

We have the possibility of designing sections focused on news, to do lists or notes, of all things. So from the beginning we will have all the updated content that interests us as soon as we start the program.


Another very interesting option if we want to have an original and personalized start page in the browser is Symbaloo. In addition, here we find a completely free platform with which we can add and place all kinds of links and direct accesses on this home page. Its operation is based on a series of blocks that we adapt to our needs in order to categorize the different websites that will be made available to us here.

Everything will depend on our needs or preferences and at the same time we will be able to use some of the widgets that the platform offers us. It is worth noting that we also have the possibility of changing the appearance of each of these blocks in order to differentiate them at first glance.

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