They develop a “democratic” AI that distributes wealth better than humans

Should we be governed by an artificial intelligence? That is the question one arrives at after consulting the latest study published by deep mind, a British company dedicated to artificial intelligence. It suggests that an artificial intelligence would be capable of making better decisions than humans, which is somewhat disturbing, although certain nuances can also be found.

DeepMind has suggested through its study that an artificial intelligence would be able to devise methods of wealth distribution better than those proposed by humans. The company’s researchers show that machine learning systems are not only good at solving complex problems related to physics, biology, and economics, but can also contribute to meeting social goals for a healthier society. fair and prosperous. Of course, the company warns of the risks that a government supported by artificial intelligence could entail.

DeepMind researchers have developed an approach that combines artificial intelligence with human democratic deliberation to find the best solutions to societal dilemmas and problems. Artificial intelligence was able to discover a mechanism to correct the imbalance in the distribution of wealth, punished speculators and successfully won the majority vote.

The artificial intelligence learned from more than 4,000 people and computer simulations of a four-player online economic game. Players also voted on policies for doling out public money, with the one devised by artificial intelligence getting the most votes from human players. In addition, the door was opened to take advantage of the same democratic tools for aligning values ​​and achieving consensus as those used to elect representatives, decide on public policies or issue legal judgments.

The good virtual functioning of the mechanism designed by artificial intelligence could have been due to the fact that it based the payments on totally progressive contributions instead of putting a floor, in this way, to correct the imbalances, all the people contributed and it was avoided that the lesser players The rich took advantage of the contributions of those who had more money. That yes, the sensible thing is to think that, no matter how smart an artificial intelligence is, it does not mean that it is absolutely right, in case someone does not agree with the model it has proposed.

From DeepMind they try not to offer a utopian vision of their study when exposing their concerns about an artificial intelligence driving a tyranny that simply cares about the needs, demands and priorities of the majority, leaving minorities aside.

Will artificial intelligences end up being part of the advice of human governments or will they replace them in the future? The DeepMind study has some fascinating parts, but surely many will have thought of Skynet, the artificial intelligence from the Terminator movie saga that, after gaining consciousness, rebelled against humans.

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