They filter the ace up the sleeve of AMD to surpass NVIDIA in GPU

A few months ago the AMD RX 6900 XTX was announced, which used a variant of the Navi 21 GPU with the ability to achieve higher clock speeds. Unfortunately, the sale of this graphics card was limited only to some pre-built PCs in China, so by not being able to access it, we left it abandoned in memory as one more ephemeral curiosity.

Well, it seems that the dream of a graphics card more powerful than the RX 6900 XT will not have to wait, as the existence of an AMD RX 6900 XTX has been leaked. Which seems to be a response to the more than possible launch of the NVIDIA RTX 3090 SUPER. Let’s see how the potential new top-of-the-range RX 6000 from AMD presents itself to us.

AMD completes its most powerful gaming GPU, the RX 6900 XTX

AMD RX 6900 XTX slide rumor

It has not been through an official announcement by AMD, but by the leak of a slide of a future presentation of the company led by Lisa Su. We already know the modus operandi and it is the same as that of the RX 6600 that was presented a few weeks ago. Which consists of filtering information from the presentation itself to create anticipation for the launch of the graphics card.

As you can see in the image above, which as you can see the possible clipping of a slide from AMD itself. The RX 6900 XTX will be able to achieve the 24.93 TFLOPS of 32 bit floating point computing powers. This means that Boost Clock has been increased by 8%, going from 2250 MHz to 2435 MHz. The other improvement that stands out is the increase in the bandwidth of the VRAM when using 18 Gbps GDDR6 chips.

The GPU or graphics chip is still Navi 21, which in its maximum configuration is equipped with 80 Compute Units, 128 MB Infinity Cache and a bus 256-bit GDDR6. As for the slight increase in the clock speed of the GPU and the bandwidth in the VRAM, which would go from 512 GB / s at 576 GB/ s, there would be nothing new in this new model.

Are we going to see this model in stores?


As we increase the clock speed, each additional MHz consumes more and more than the previous ones and it is possible that 8% additional clock speed it becomes an additional 50 W consumption compared to that of the RX 6900 XT, placing the graphics card at 350 W. In addition we cannot forget the speed increase of the GDDR6 that also represents an increase in consumption.

The reason why we ask this question is for two reasons, the first one is that for mining the graphics cards with a bandwidth are the most interesting. The second is why the liquid-cooled RX 6900 models have been sold only to assemblers. Although here we have to clarify one thing in advance. We do not know if the RX 6900 XTX AMD will make use of that type of cooling. In any case, we will get out of doubts in a few weeks regarding the launch of this new AMD gaming graphics card, which if it went on the market like the rest of the RX 6000 would become its top of the range. With the RTX 30 SUPER just around the corner from AMD you can’t rest on your laurels.

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