This change has made my passwords much more secure

We can say that the passwords are the main security barrier to avoid intruders in the accounts we use every day. For example, social networks, email, banking applications… Therefore, it is essential to choose keys that are very secure, but also to have a constant review. The goal should be to make it as difficult as possible for a hypothetical intruder to break into the account.

Creating passwords with a key manager is a good solution

The most important change you should make, worth the redundancy, is change passwords. Yes, it is important that you change them from time to time. This is what makes them always remain safe. It is the best barrier against brute force attacks and possible leaks that may exist in a service that you use.

But how can you create really strong passwords and change all the ones you have for sure? It is important that you avoid the most common mistake: creating access codes that you can memorize. Therefore, the ideal is that you use a password manager. They not only serve to store them, but in many cases you will also be able to create them.

By using a key manager to create passwords you ensure that they are totally random. You are not going to use any words or digits that you can easily memorize. You are simply going to generate them through an application, to which you can also add some characteristics, such as having upper and lower case letters, numbers and other special symbols.

Ideally, you should do this for each of the passwords you use. One for your e-mail, another for Facebook, for your bank, etc. In this way, you will always have a reliable key to avoid problems. You can use key managers like 1Password or LastPass. In addition to creating it, it will help you store them and not have to remember them.

Passwords to avoid

Enabling two-factor authentication is essential

Do you want to protect your accounts even more? There is no better option than enable two-factor authentication. It is an additional security barrier that will prevent intruders from accessing your accounts even if they manage to steal the password. They’re going to need a second step to gain entry.

That second step is usually a code that you receive by SMS, but also through 2FA apps. It is necessary to be able to enter the account and verify that we are the legitimate user. Otherwise, access would be denied. If someone were to figure out your password by some means, be it simple guessing or a brute force attack, they’re going to need that second step.

Not all Internet platforms have two-step or multi-factor authentication, but it is increasingly widespread. You can read more about multi-factor authentication here It is more frequent to see it on social networks and bank accounts. In some cases, you may even be required to set up this feature in order to register or use a program. It is an important security measure without a doubt.

As you can see, changing your passwords, and helping you with a password manager, is essential. So is enabling two-factor authentication, as it is a very important security barrier. This will help you prevent intruders in your online accounts and have problems in your day to day.

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