You should never put these appliances together or you will spend a lot of light

If you like save on electricity bill, it is essential that you control the cost of your electrical appliances well. Especially, those that may have a higher consumption will be key that you have them well configured and make good use of them. Even the location you give them is going to be very important. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about two electrical appliances that you should never have together if you do not want to spend too much electricity.

The idea is to get both to work as well as possible, without any interference in terms of temperature. We talk about refrigerator and oven, which are two totally opposite devices in terms of their objective. One will be in charge of cooling the food, while the other will heat it.

Don’t put the fridge and the oven together

But why shouldn’t you put them together? The reason is very simple: the oven gives off heat, which is very bad for the refrigerator. The best thing is that the refrigerator is in a cool area, as isolated as possible from heat sources. For example, you should not put it next to a window where direct sunlight enters. It is not even a good thing that it is very close to the wall, since the heat that it gives off will bounce off.

Therefore, putting an oven near the refrigerator is not a good idea. It will give off heat every time you use it, which will force the refrigerator to have to work at higher power to avoid that heat affects him and arrives. As the refrigerator compressor works more, it will consume more electricity and you will pay more on the bill.

The interesting thing is that the oven is furthest from the fridge. For example, you can put each one at one end of the kitchen. You can also apply the same to a stove, ceramic hob or anything that can give off heat. Do not put it attached to the refrigerator, as it will affect it negatively.

Control the temperature, it is important

Note that adjust the temperature well of your appliances will save energy. We can give the example of the refrigerator. You don’t need it to be at 2 or 3 degrees, since you can set it perfectly at 5 or 6. Each degree of difference can make you spend about 7% more electricity.

In the summer months, when the kitchen It can be at a higher temperature, it is important that you try not to increase it excessively. If it is very hot, for example if you have windows or doors open and direct sunlight enters, it will cause the refrigerator to take on a higher temperature. Again, just like having the oven nearby, you are going to have to work harder to maintain the interior temperature.

As you can see, separating electrical appliances as different as the oven and the refrigerator is a good idea. The objective is to be able to save electricity and not consume more than necessary. You can always also adjust the temperature at which you put the refrigerator and thus save more. If you have home-controlled devices, it is important to prevent Wi-Fi from disconnecting.

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