This foldable and ultra-compact electric motorcycle is easy to store under a desk

People looking for a practical and transportable means of transport often turn to electric bicycles or scooters, but a Japanese company has created an equally compact motorcycle.

Credit: Icoma

The Japanese company ICOMA has developed a foldable electric motorcycle called “tatamel bike”. Ideal for getting around town or getting to work, this mini-motorcycle can be collapsed into a size small enough to store under a standard size deskmeaning you’ll never have to worry about parking again.

In fact, the Tatamel motorcycle folds up when not in use for look like a desktop PC tower with minimal dangling parts, making it easier to store than most folding bikes. The front wheel and a set of foldable wheels allow the folded motorcycle to be easily dragged using a handle. When unfolded, the bike is also quite compact, measuring 1230mm long, 1000mm high and 650mm wide.

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What technical characteristics for the Tatamel Bike?

The Tatamel electric motorcycle is powered by a lithium-iron-phosphate battery. The latest model developed by ICOMA offers an estimated top speed of 40 km/h thanks to its 600 watt motor eyou can travel about 50 km with a single charge. It also has a portable power supply so it can be used as a power source.

Tatamel bike 2
Credit: Icoma

The bodywork can be customized, side panels can be replaced by the colors and materials of your choice, and you can add illustrations or attach signage all around the vehicle. It is also equipped with a complete LED lighting system.

For the moment, it is not known at what price or when the Tatamel Bike electric motorcycle will be marketed. We also don’t know if it will be possible to buy it from France. It would be a shame if it remained exclusive to Japan, since we know that 50% of motorcyclists want to buy an electric motorcycle, according to a study by BikeSure. Some manufacturers such as Kawasaki have already announced that they will only market electric models.

Source: icoma

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