this ICONIC card game is hugely popular

Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel, the latest card game from the legendary franchise is breaking popularity records on Steam.

Last week, Konami released a free-to-play game across multiple platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, PC, and mobile consoles. It is Yu Gi Oh! Master Dueling, the last of the card games adapted from the eponymous manga and anime. Contrary to eFootball 2022, the last free-to-play unveiled by Konami before this one, Yu Gi Oh! Master Dueling knows a very promising start for the future of the game.

Indeed, if eFootball 2022 very quickly placed itself in the first position of the titles with the worst ratings on Steam, Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel arrives as for him in the first in the category of most popular games of the moment. Since its release on January 20, the title obtains an average number of players which amounts to 185,627 and a peak in popularity 262,333, which broke the previous record just 24 hours ago. It is therefore only a matter of days for the game to end up building a reputation as a worldwide hit.

Simple, but nostalgic content

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Master Dueling is the last of the titles stamped Yu Gi Oh! and it has the distinction of focusing more on card battles rather than any narrative dimension, as is usually the case. In the game, you have a deck of cards, which represent special powers or creatures, and which will allow you to remove life points from your opponent.

At the start, you all have 1000 PV, and it is advisable throughout the game to lower those of the enemy camp. Strategy and luck are required, but also perseverance and luck. With each game, you have the opportunity to replenish your deck with new cards, so you also have to conquer more and more powerful elements. Visually, the title also takes up the codes of the saga Yu Gi Oh!, already 25 years old.

If it rocked the childhood of many players, it is with pleasure that the latter found themselves on Yu Gi Oh! Master Dueling, a free game but also available in cross-play, for duels and international tournaments. The strength of the game also lies in its content, simplified in its form compared to previous games, but more complete with more than 10,000 playable cards. Behind this popularity, we also feel a good dose of nostalgia, which does not hurt Konami after its recent setbacks with eFootball 2022.

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