This idea is as crazy as it is incredible: Apple’s electric bike. Why not?

Apple is synonymous with quality, innovation and expensive prices. Many devices from the company have not been very successful, but they have always given a lot to talk about. A current project, the Apple Car, I think is one of the most anticipated by all users. An electric vehicle with the ability to move autonomously. An idea that already exists but that Apple can give it a twist. What would you think of an electric bicycle? It is not exactly the same, but of course they are very booming now and if it is designed by Apple, yesI am sure it will be pretty, good and expensive.

This article by Napier López, may seem something bizarre this new or suddenly. But once you read it, you realize that hopefully it was true and we had rumors about the possibility that Apple was thinking of making an electric bicycle. The bicycle market in Spain has exploded during the pandemic and now we still have many stores without stock of bicycles and with waits of several months in some models. If you like bikes or use one of them often, you will know that buying a bike right now leaves you with few options Unless you settle for what there is.

Apple could see the business in this field, because I suppose that if the American company has this idea, it will sell the bike at an almost prohibitive price but it is also it will be one of the best on the market. And that in the bicycle market there are very, very good models. In fact, if you like bikes, there comes a time when the prices you drive seem prohibitive compared to when you bought the first bike. If you regularly use this mode of movement, you will know that prices of 3000 or 4000 euros are normal. If you have recently tried to buy a bike to move around the city, there are models of which the Stock has been exhausted. I’m talking about bromptons, which are expensive but very good bikes.


Returning to the subject of the bike created by Apple. ANDThe author of this (brilliant) idea says:

I admit, an Apple car would be great, and I’m very curious to see what Cupertino’s vision of an electric vehicle is. But do you know what I think would be even more interesting, more shocking, and better for the planet than an Apple Car? An electric bike from Apple. Or should I say… the iBike? I’d bet my bottom dollar that Apple will market its car around environmental benefits. But it only takes a little research, and common sense, to show that electric bikes are a better solution than cars for many places, cities in particular.

I can not agree more with him. I move around my city by bike. When I have to take the car, I feel trapped and I notice how the bad mood takes over me. But by bike everything changes and if it is electric, better than better, at least in the city. For the weekends, it is better if my legs are the ones that give me momentum. I don’t even want to think, what a joy it would be to be able to ride on an iBike.

As a regular bike user, I also agree with something that the author says and that I think is the key to this whole idea that in principle I already said that it may seem absurd or not possible, but as you read the article, You wish it were true

The popularity, influence and lobbying power of the company could force cities to build their cycling infrastructure, in the same way that the iPod changed the music industry and the iPhone changed the Internet.

That is the key. If Apple launched an electric bike, it would change the market, the lives and the decisions of many users. Some would buy it just for being Apple, others for the novelty, and others for both. But surely many more companies would do the same and create their own version of the electric bike and then we would have everyone riding a bike. Good for the planet, good for us. Something called Win-Win.

From here I encourage you to ride your bike, go to work by bike (whenever you can, of course. I estimate that 10-15 km is ideal to use this means of transport on a daily basis). You will see how well you sleep, how well you feel and how you will notice that you feel very good about yourself. Be careful because it hooks.

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