This is everything new that your AirPods will be able to do with iOS 16

Earlier this month, Apple introduced the iOS 16 news at WWDC. This version of the iPhone software has already reached all users who are in the company’s beta channel. There are many experts who have already used this operating system, and apparently, AirPods are going to benefit greatly from this new version.

iOS 16 will substantially improve your experience with AirPods

Apple’s AirPods are going to get even better with the arrival of iOS 16. It is not the first time that an iPhone firmware update has improved the experience or sound quality of the headphones from Tim Cook’s company. Specifically, there is two improvements substantial that have been detected by the developers who are currently testing the system. One of those improvements is related to settings and another to the famous Spatial Audio. In addition, Apple has created a new firmware for AirPodswhich is required to apply these new changes.

New Settings for AirPods

Image: Apple Insider

Making changes to the AirPods was until now a somewhat tedious maneuver. You had to go to Settings> Bluetooth> AirPods> and then touch the ‘i’ to access the full menu. However, you couldn’t access those settings if your AirPods weren’t connected to your phone. Overall, this could be better.

With the new system, a new line in settings menu as long as you have the AirPods connected to the iOS device. No more stumbling through the settings menu trying to remember where the menu for setting up your headset was. Starting with iOS 16, settings are just a tap away. This will be especially useful to control the second novelty that we will talk about next.

Spatial Audio Customization

enhanced spatial audio ios 16.jpg

Image: Apple Insider

The Custom Spatial Audio It is a new functionality that will come to AirPods as soon as we have iOS 16 on our phones. This technology uses the face ID sensors to create a topographic map of your face and ears. Based on these data, a sound profile which will be the right one for you.

When you connect your AirPods after installing iOS 16, a new wizard will appear explaining how this works. new custom audio system. Later you can return to the wizard by entering the new settings menu that we talked about in the previous section.

To set it up, you’ll need to take three scans of your face using the TrueDepth camera system of your iPhone. With the AirPods out of your ears, you’ll look around in a circle, similar to setting up Face ID. Next, the wizard will ask you to repeat the same process for the left and right ear. As you scan your ears, your iPhone will beep to tell you to turn your head in the opposite direction.

Those who have tried this new feature have been pleasantly surprised. The improvement appears to be much more noticeable on AirPods Pro than standard AirPods, with hardly any impact on AirPods Max. The only problem is that the setting can’t be quickly turned on and off so you can compare results.

When does iOS 16 come out?

ios 16

At WWDC, Apple said we’d have the system in fall. We assume that it will be released the same day that the new generation iPhone is presented, so we would be talking about an approximate date between the end of September and the beginning of October.

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