This is the warranty for Apple refurbished products

If you are thinking of buying a refurbished Mac, iPad or iPhone on the official Apple website, you may be wondering what warranty these products have. So in this post we are going to explain all the details about it.

How much warranty do Apple refurbished have?

Before we begin, let’s point out several important things. We are going to talk about the products refurbished by Apple itself, which are sold from the official website of Apple. We will not speak, therefore, of reconditioned products that are sold in other establishments.

Apple Store Online allows you to buy everything related to the company’s products and services. Among the sections, we can find Apple Refurbished products, which have been inspected and tuned with original spare parts and parts. Keep in mind that the limitation that exists when buying refurbished by Apple is the stock that will be available. Not all products and models are always available. And if it is Apple itself that manages everything, how much guarantee can I have? Here are two scenarios:

  • If we buy a refurbished product like In particular, we will have a three-year guarantee.
  • If we buy the refurbished product as company, we are going to have a year.

Why does this happen? In Spain, the law establishes that the first year of warranty is the responsibility of the manufacturer, while the following two years are the responsibility of the establishment that sells the product. But for the companies, the guarantee does not apply in the same way as to consumers (from a legal point of view) and we are only going to have a one year warranty.

year warranty apple

So if you want to buy a refurbished product from Apple itself, the three years will be the responsibility of the same company. In this case, the manufacturer is the same establishment that sells it to you. So the three years that the warranty lasts will be the responsibility of the manufacturer. Apple’s refurbished website explains that we have a one-year limited warranty from Apple. This happens because that year is common for all customers who want to buy, whether individuals, students or companies.

Can I get Apple Care on a refurbished?

Apple Care+ insurance applies to new device purchases. But it also applies to refurbished products purchased on the Apple website. For it, we will have a maximum of up to 60 days after receiving the product.


So if you want to save money, buying a refurbished product from Apple allows us to enjoy up to 3 years of warranty (if we are individuals and not companies), and we will also have the option of contracting Apple Care. With which we will extend the coverage and we will be able to request repairs (in the event that they had to be done) at a much lower price.

With Apple Care insurance we will enjoy the same coverage conditions. And the price of this insurance will vary depending on the device, the model and the maximum time that we want to have it contracted.

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