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Protect home Wi-Fi network It is very important for the connection to work well and avoid problems. Your neighbors could get in without you noticing and that is going to be a major problem, since they could even get you into legal trouble by browsing with your IP address. In this article I tell you what you can do to make it practically impossible for your neighbors, or anyone from outside, to enter your wireless network.

Keep in mind that any WiFi network can be exploited. Even if you have a password, there is always the slightest risk that they will figure it out and get in. Therefore, making things difficult is going to be key to not having problems. It is in your power to make it very difficult for them to get in.

Move the router away from your neighbors

What is the best way to prevent your neighbors from stealing your WiFi? Definitely, move the router away. If they don’t get a signal, they won’t be able to steal it. That’s basic and really at your fingertips. What you should do is simply move the device away from windows or walls that are closer to your neighbors’ houses.

Enough with put the router in the center of your home, as far away as possible from anyone who might steal it. It is true that even so, the wireless signal could reach. Do not worry, since later we are going to give you one more tip to prevent that from happening. For now, the key is that you put it away from the ends of your house.

With this, you will not only improve security; you’re also going to get that the signal works better in your home and you can connect devices with better coverage and without so many problems. After all, instead of having the router at one end and wasting the connection, what you do is concentrate that signal in your home, where you are really going to connect the devices.

Adjust the strength of the WiFi

This is where what we explained previously comes into play: even if the signal reaches your neighbors with lower power, you can adjust it so that nothing arrives. You can do this through the router settings. Basically, what you do is limit the signal strength of the wireless network.

That sign it will have less power. It will go less far. It can affect you, but if you put the router in a good place where you can take advantage of the network, it will really affect anyone who is away from home and wants to connect to your WiFi more. It is an additional security measure to the password, have the device updated or use a good encryption.

Therefore, you can change the strength of the WiFi. The signal will be weaker And it won’t get that far. This will keep potential intruders away from attempting to brute-force attacks to guess your password or even just see what you’ve named that network.

As you can see, it’s quite easy. protect wifi network. You can use the trick of moving the router away from walls and windows that are close to your neighbors, but also adjust the power so that it reaches less far and they cannot try to access it without your permission.

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