This is what it costs to charge an electric scooter, but you can save

Logically, it must be taken into account that not all models are the same. It is the same thing that can happen with a car or with any other device. Not all consume the same, nor do they have the same capacity. However, we can take into account a approximate consumption to have an idea.

Cost of loading a scooter

This will depend on the battery you have. You will have to look at the capacity and voltage. From there, you can calculate how much it costs to charge your scooter. The battery is measured in mAh, while the voltage is represented by V. For example, a common battery can have 7,200 mAh and 36 or 42 V. You simply have to multiply both. If we assume that it has 36 V, that would give us 280 Wh, which would be the same as 0.280 kWh.

With that we already know that loading the scooter, at least the one we have given as an example, involves some 0.28 kWh. But how do we translate that into euros? We will have to know how much the kWh costs. Here there may be important differences, since each rate may be different, as well as the different time slots.

More or less, to have an idea we can say that the kWh costs €0.15. If we are going to consume 0.28 kWh, we would spend about €0.042 per kWh. How long does it take to charge the scooter? That is another key information to calculate the cost. If it takes 6 hours, for example, It would cost us about €0.25 to load it.

Therefore, with the example that we have given, it would cost us to charge the electric scooter about €0.25. How many kilometers can we do with this? It will depend on the autonomy it has, the state of the battery, the weight, the terrain conditions… But more or less we can say that they usually have a range of about 20-25km, at least for the battery that we have put, for example. . Therefore, using it for 100km could cost a little more than €1.

Cost of charging an electric scooter

how to save

Is it possible to do something to save money when charging the scooter? Yes, especially if you take into account how your electricity rate. It will depend, mainly, on whether or not you have a rate with hourly discrimination. This means that you will pay less at certain hours. The hours at night are going to be cheaper than during the day. Therefore, the ideal in this case would be to charge the scooter overnight, in the hours when electricity is more economical.

But you can also save when charging the scooter if you use the battery correctly. Some advice given by the manufacturers themselves are the following:

  • Do not leave the battery fully charged for several days
  • Prevent it from fully downloading
  • Do not charge immediately after it has gone down a lot (let it cool down)
  • Charge the night before using it (do not charge it on a Friday, to take it on Monday)

As you can see, you can take into account some tips to save when charging an electric scooter. We have shown that charging the battery can cost about €0.25, although it will depend on the model, the type of battery and the electricity rate that you have contracted in your home.

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