This life-size figure is a Pokémon fan’s dream.

One of the places that you have to visit yes or yes when you visit Japan is one of its pokemon centers. These stores are the equivalent of Disney stores, but inhabited by those little creatures called Pokémon. The Pokémon Center is a paradise for any fan of the pocket monster franchise. A place where there are all kinds of merchandise, as well as as many stuffed animals as you can imagine. And, just for the public that loves stuffed animals, this is stuffed animal that has just been presented in Japan with a limited edition.

This Lucario is only suitable for the most geeks of Pokémon

One of the most remembered Pokémon of the fourth generation is Lucario. This blue humanoid wolf was featured in the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mewand soon became one of the most beloved creatures in the entire saga both for its design and for its strength and versatility in battle.

For true Lucario fans, Pokémon Center has just introduced a huge plush of this life-size Pokémon. It is a figure of 120 centimeters high —just what the Pokédex says—done in great detail. The creature has a weight of 4 kilos -it is appreciated that it does not weigh as much as the real one, as we remember that it is also of the steel type-, and it will not be possible to buy it with a simple visit to the store.

It is a totally exclusive stuffed animal that must be ordered to order. Pokémon Center will receive requests until next Monday, July 25 at 23:59 (Tokyo time). After the date, they will proceed to manufacture the stuffed animals and no more can be ordered. The price to get one of these exclusive stuffed animals is about 46,200 yen, which is equivalent to about 330 euros. The plush is intended for ages 6 and up, and orders will begin shipping next year, around the end of February 2023.

Can it be ordered from outside of Japan?

lucario teddy.

Good question. Pokémon Center has its own website from which orders can be placed. Nevertheless, They do not ship outside of Japan.. We do not know if it is because of customs costs or to encourage you to visit the country of the rising sun.

Fortunately, there are intermediary services that allow you to make a purchase in this store and have the product shipped to any country in the world. One of the most famous is White Rabbit Express. According to the website of this company, they accept orders in advance, so there should be no problem making this order. What we have not seen on the web is if there is any kind of limitation due to the size of the package. However, the website allows you to quickly assess the price of a shipment with the commission, so you will be able to know the total price of the product in case you want to make yes or yes with the life-size plush Lucario.

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