Google Drive imposes a file limit, the iPhone 15 will never really be turned off, this is the recap

Yesterday, we were treated to several unexpected news. First, we learned that Google Drive storage is capped not only by size, but also by the number of files hosted. Then the iPhone 15 amazed with this leak that features responsive buttons even with the smartphone turned off. Finally, a duel at the top of flip smartphones has found a surprise winner in the field of photography.

Google Drive storage isn’t what it claims to be

You thought that the 2 TB of storage displayed by your Google Drive account really offered 2 TB of storage? This is unfortunately naive. Indeed, on Reddit, several users report receiving a strange error message when they try to create a file. After some research, it seems that the Mountain View firm has capped the latter. From now on, it is no longer possible to exceed the limit of 5 million files on the latter, even if there is still storage available.

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iPhone 15 buttons will work even with an empty battery

We already knew that Apple plans to transform the physical buttons on its iPhone 15 Pro into a single capacitive button. A new leak reveals that the latter will always be responsive even when the smartphone’s battery is empty, or that it is turned off, like the Locate functionality on current models. This will be made possible by a new low-energy microprocessor that will take care of all actions related to this technology.

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Oppo Find N2 Flip vs Galaxy Z Flip 4, the photo duel

While the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is the undisputed king of flip smartphones, it’s not necessarily the best in all areas. At least not in photos, as the experts at DXOMARK point out. With a score of 114 points, the Oppo Find N2 Flip dethrones its main rival by only two points, in particular thanks to its exceptional zoom.

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