This new Alexa device will know much more about you

Home automation devices can be surprising when we see the capabilities they have. There are many devices that are already part of our daily lives, such as smart light bulbs, plugs with Wi-Fi or speakers with which we can interact or control remotely. In this article we echo the new Echo Show 8 and we’re going to talk about why he’s going to know more about you.

It is a quite popular model, which every time it is updated offers something new. Now, Amazon has presented its new version, which brings the expected hardware news, but also some functions that may be attractive to users. We are facing a even smarter device.

Echo Show 8 will know when you are approaching

The hardware news They allow this Amazon device to be faster and process more information. You will be able to control practically any device in your home, as long as they are compatible. Among other things, it has Amazon’s latest AZ2 processor, which improves its performance by 40%.

But if we mention one of the most striking new features, it is that this new Echo Show 8 is going to know when you are approaching. It has a camera in the central part and a function they call Adaptive Content. This allows you to change the way it shows the content depending on whether we are closer or further away, so it will detect when we get closer. This will make the screen more visible and tactile, since, as the user approaches, it presents a more adapted interface.

Another novelty is the incorporation of spatial audio processing technology. This will serve to improve musical capabilities, since it adapts depending on the space, the place where it is, to offer a much more optimal sound. This improves one of the aspects most requested by many.

Also add different widgets that will make it smarter. You will be able to control your home automation in a more optimal way, with more options and features that will give you a wide range of opportunities.

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Home automation knows more about you

As you have seen, this Echo Show 8 is going to have certain features that will make him know more about you. For example, it will know when you are approaching. It will also be able to analyze more the environment in which you put it, so it will not be the same if you place it in the kitchen than putting it in the garage.

Using home automation in our daily lives is very useful and provides many benefits. It can help save energy, control devices remotely, use sensors and have greater control over what happens around us… But there is always the fact that these devices can obtain more data or information from users.

Our advice is that you use home automation correctly, that you carefully review what permissions you grant or what configuration you have made. In addition, it is convenient to have updated devices and always buy devices that have guarantees. You can check the devices connected to Wi-Fi and see if they are really working well.

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