this pCloud Christmas offer saves you 1000 €

If the storage space of your PC or smartphone is running out of steam, choose a quality online cloud like pCloud now.

Confused about how to keep all your important documents, photos and videos? To enjoy secure, limitless, and easy-to-access storage, consider the cloud. This storage method actually has many advantages, both in terms of space saving and practicality, security or savings.

And to store your documents online safely and at the best price, you can turn to pCloud. This highly reputable service provider offers a unique promotion for the end of the year celebrations. This offer reduces the price of the 2 TB Family plan by -71%. The subscription is then available for only € 400 and valid for life. Find all the details of this offer on its official website:

Discover the pCloud Christmas offer

pCloud, the new benchmark in online storage

To find the best online storage service, look no further. The service provided by pCloud is excellent. This supplier based in Switzerland was created in 2013, and since then it has not stopped evolving to offer today a complete and optimal tool.

As for your storage, pCloud offers you to manage it in a simple and intuitive way, even if you are new to it. You can therefore upload all your documents (photos, videos, text files, etc.) to your cloud, then organize them through different folders.

Also, thanks to the automatic synchronization function of pCloud, you will be able to access all your documents from anywhere. This will be possible either directly from the web by connecting to your pCloud space, or through the provider’s mobile application or even through the desktop application.

In addition, pCloud allows you to generate sharing links or create personalized access to your documents so that you can share them with the people of your choice – whether they use pCloud or not. But if pCloud is very practical, also know that it protects your documents effectively.

Indeed, this provider encrypts the transfer and storage of your files, but also keeps them on 5 separate servers. Finally, be aware that pCloud gives you access to 30 days of recycle bin history so that you can recover your documents in the event of false manipulation.

Cloud spaces for the whole family at -71%

If you are convinced by pCloud, now is the time to become a customer. And yes, pCloud celebrates Christmas and gives you a nice gift. For the end of the year celebrations, he is showing an immediate 71% reduction on his 2 TB Family plan valid for life.

Consequently, the price of this subscription drops from € 1,400 excluding promotion to only € 400. With this reduction, pCloud therefore allows you to make a substantial saving of € 1,000. And the pCloud Family service at this price cannot be refused.

Indeed, with the pCloud Family offer, you will benefit from 2 TB of storage valid for life (for a real duration of 99 years) that you can share between you and 4 other users. This way each member of your family will have a space of their own. The owner of the account will be able to distribute the 2 TB in order to adapt to the needs of each one.

And if you’re not sure, don’t worry, pCloud has you covered. This offer is effectively accompanied by a “satisfied or refunded” guarantee which extends over a period of 10 days. You can therefore change your mind at any time during this period, and be reimbursed on simple request to customer service. Otherwise, you can also subscribe to its free 10 GB version to get started.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, and grab this pCloud promotion now.

Take advantage of the pCloud Christmas discount

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