TikTok bets on video games and partners with the Farmville studio, will the classic farm game return?

The video game industry continues to rise, at a rapid pace, for this reason more and more companies are seeking to be participants and the application of short videos, TikTok, is no exception. The company that owns this app, Byte Dance, previously acquired the rights to a MOBA title, now we know that it will strengthen its commitment through a new alliance.

Zynga is a video game developer studio, founded in 2007 in California, which at its best came to excel in the market thanks to a FarmVille, a “real time” title, which allowed managing a virtual farm: planting, raising and harvesting crops, trees and domestic and fantasy animals. The game was available as an application through the website of the social network Facebook.

TikTok seeks to capitalize on the terrain with Zynga

At the beginning of the week, the developer released the news through its official site. The study reveals its plans to launch a new game, based on HTML5, which will come under the name “Disco Loco 3D”. Unlike other Zinga titles that are available for download independently on iOS and Android, this one will be hosted in the short videos app, exclusively for TikTok.

This single-player casual game involves collecting dance moves while avoiding obstacles and collecting medallions as they walk down a catwalk, similar in spirit to Zynga’s “High Heels.” At the same time it is possible to challenge friends.

According to TechCrunch reports, TikTok mentions that this game is intended to test the general interest of its audience in games within its application, however, the company confirmed that discussions with other game creators are already underway, seeking to streamline the process of new deliveries.

The partnership with Zynga will help the company better understand how its community engages with games. The company today has a captive audience of game fans, including casual and expert gamers, but it doesn’t know if these users would respond to a game integration like this. -TikTok reported to TechCrunch.

Other TikTok games

During the month of March, Byte Dance reported the purchase of the video game developer Moonton Technology, based in Shanghai, as a reinforcement of the strategy to further expand in this business area.

The acquisition of the studio of this studio, world renowned for the video game Mobile Legends, It was finalized after several months of dispute, against the Chinese Tencent, bought for a value of 4,000 million dollars.

Will FarmVille return?

The good news is that Farmville it’s never gone, I just stop being present on Facebook. This video game, in its third edition, is available for free on iOS and Android, with advertisements and purchase options to improve our farm.


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