Top 8 AI-Powered Design Tools To Make Your Life Easier

Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of the world’s most discussed technologies, has managed to seep into just about every industry and niche you can think of. With tons of tools and use cases, there is no denying that AI has been delivering the goods since its inception. Here are 8 AI-powered design tools that will make life very simple for you.


Background removal tools are all the rage these days, and is well ahead of the curve. lets you remove background from your image within seconds, thanks to the power of AI. caters to individuals, professionals, developers, media persons, e-commerce, and enterprises.

  • Individuals: Remove background from your image in seconds.
  • Professionals: Use’s single click solution to avoid wasting time on photo editing.
  • Developers (coming soon): You can integrate’s API and include background removal to your app.
  • E-commerce: Use the tool to get your product images ready for your e-commerce platform.
  • Media persons: allows you to harness your creativity and make stunning content for your social media and websites.
  • Enterprise (coming soon): Use this tool to process high quality images in bulk.

To remove background from your image, all you need to do is upload your image (.jpg, .jpeg,

.png,.webp), and wait for a few seconds as processes it. Then, you will be able to compare your original image to the processed one. The processed image will have no background.

Most background remover tools allow you to download a relatively low resolution version of the final image for free and charge you for the HD version. on the other hand, allows you to download high resolution versions of up to 5000 x 5000 px of your processed image for free. You do not even have to submit your credit card details or your email ID.

2. Khroma

Khroma is an AI-based color tool for designers. When you use Khroma, you train an AI algorithm by choosing up to 50 colors, and Khroma will generate endless color combinations based on your preferences. Khroma’s two color templates are: Type, Poster, Gradient, and Image, in which you can upload your own image and test the colors on the image. Its template palette works with four combinations. To get started, head to Khroma’s official website and click on ‘Generate.’ You will find multiple color blocks. Choose 50 different colors to increase your variety and click on the ‘Training’ button which you will find on the top right.

This training process will take a few minutes. Once this is done, you will be shown multiple color combos. Khroma makes for an incredibly nifty tool for designers.

3. AutoDraw

Straight out of Google’s Creative Lab, AutoDraw is a tool that helps users draw on their PCs, tablets, and phones, which is otherwise significantly hard to do. AutoDraw is a web-based tool and runs on any browser. As you may have guessed, you do not need to install this tool on your computer to launch it.

The AI on this tool recognizes what you are drawing and tries to match what you are drawing with similar drawings from its database. Artists, designers, and illustrators from all over the world use AutoDraw and often submit their drawings using the AutoDraw Artists webpage. These drawings get added to the database.

AutoDraw also functions like a “Paint-like” app. You can use it to draw just as you would any other drawing tool, without the option to use the drawings in the database. In other words, you get the best of both worlds – you get to test your skills by using it as a “Paint-like” app or utilize the AI that powers this tool by using the database drawings.

You would think that you’d have to spend a hundred dollars or so on a subscription, but it is 100% free to use. No ads, zero price, and easy to use on the fly, making this a must-use tool for designers.

4. DeepArt

Undoubtedly one of the more unique tools on this list, DeepArt allows you to repaint your picture in the style of your favourite artist. In other words, you can upload an image, select one of DeepArt’s predefined styles, and wait as the tool repaints your image for you. According to their website, DeepArt’s mission is to “provide a novel artistic painting tool that allows everyone to create and share artistic pictures with just a few clicks”.

As a result, their tool is free to use. You can create as many images as you want. However, rendering them takes time and a lot of computational power, because of which there is a queue. You can jump the queue and have your image ready within 15 minutes by paying €1.99.

DeepArt also lets you purchase video art. These are videos drawn in the style of your favourite artists in HD (720p). You can use their price calculator to find out how much you have to pay depending on the length of the video you wish to purchase. If you’d like to purchase long videos or full HD videos (or both), you will have to make a special request. All in all, DeepArt is an incredibly unique tool that all designers ought to sample sooner rather than later.

5. Uizard

Uizard prides itself on being the design tool for non-designers. You can use this AI-powered tool to design mobile apps, websites, web apps, desktop software, etc. in minutes. It is as easy to use as Powerpoint, Google slides, or Keynote.

  • You can create stunning themes by uploading a screenshot or pasting a URL.
  • You can scan your idea sketches and turn them into customizable designs using Uizard. These idea sketches could be on paper or a digital whiteboard.
  • Uizard makes prototyping quick and seamless. You can drag and drop components and templates to design your mobile, desktop, or web applications with ease.
  • You never have to start from scratch when designing with Uizard. You can use the tool’s drag and drop features or personalized templates to turn your ideas into something real.
  • Chances are you will not be working on a project alone. Collaborating with team members is as easy as can be. All you have to do is share the project link with your teammates, and you are good.

If you are only getting started as a hobbyist, you can use this tool for free. However, If you are a startup, you will be billed $12 per creator, per month. For enterprises, the subscription fee is $39 per creator, per month. All in all, Uizard seems to be the perfect tool for designers to bring their ideas to life.

6. Let’s Enhance

Have you ever wanted to increase the resolution of your images without compromising the quality? Let’s Enhance does that for you.

Let’s Enhance helps you increase your image size to up to 16x without losing out on quality.

  • As a creative professional, you can resize your images for web and print formats without quality loss. You can pretty much upscale anything, including product images, logos, landscapes, etc. This helps you save and allocate a lot of time to more important tasks.
  • If you are in the real estate business, you can upscale property images and shine a light on the smallest interior elements. You can experiment with the brightness and color options for your photos. Ultimately, you can expect to render the highest quality images, boosting your chances of making consistent sales.
  • For success in the e-commerce field (or any other for that matter), you need to have stunning images. In the e-commerce industry, you need crisp and clear product images to trigger interest and make sales. You can adjust the light and colors on your images using AI, without any editing skills.

The pricing plan for this tool depends on the number of credits you want. You can get 5 credits, allowing you to try 5 images once, for free. You will have to pay $9 every month for 100 credits,

$24 per month for 300 credits, and $34 per month for 500 credits.

7. Rosebud AI

Firmly believing that the future of media is content by a large creator class, Rosebud AI is building a synthetic media platform to help content creators create content on the fly. They are changing how content is created and commercialized. Rosebud AI has a selection of cool features.

With this tool, you can animate old photos, create sketches and bring them to life, create an avatar from any image that you use, and so forth. Rosebud AI does this by combining established computer graphics with the latest AI research.

For AI-generated models, Rosebud AI has the following pricing plans:

  • Basic – $250 per campaign
  • Premium – $1000 per campaign
  • Pro – $5000 per campaign

8. UiBot

Ever entertained the idea of leaving User Interface (UI) designing to bots? This is what Uibot is all about. According to Uibot’s official website, “Uibot is an experiment on how far one could automate the generation of visual designs, what kinds of advantages it would lead to and what issues one would face.” Uibot allows you to generate different dashboard designs at the click of a button.

Wrapping Up

As you know by now, AI is an incredibly vast and powerful technology with a wide range of applications and use cases. The tools listed in this article alone are incredibly diverse in their functionality, design, and ease of use. If you are a newbie designer or a seasoned veteran,, Khroma, AutoDraw, DeepArt, Uizard, Let’s Enhance, Rosebud AI, and Uibot are tools you absolutely must have in your arsenal…especially considering how most of them are free for you to use on the fly.

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