Ukraine uses ChatGPT and 3D printers for war

We know that with a 3D printer you can do almost anything. There are even fully functional models of pistols developed by anonymous users. Some models that, in the United States, have already generated some security problems.

On the other hand, ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence can be used for anything. Although it integrates filters, the truth is that you can skip them very easily. The case of the user who told this AI that his granny read him Windows codes is well known, something that served to generate keys for this operating system, one of them totally valid.

Tailor-made and “smart” weapons

The Economist has been the medium that has revealed the use of 3D printers and ChatGPT by Ukrainians. According to this medium, there are about 200 small groups specialized in make “candy bombs”. This type of weapon is based on a container, explosive material, shrapnel, and sometimes other components.

These groups seem to work solely out of sympathy with the Ukrainian people. They are working on creating pumps and production methods that are as efficient as possible.

A crucial element of an explosive device is the casing or container. Said elementOr is it easy to get And it can get quite expensive. But, it can be designed to be made with a 3D printer easily. The Economist reportedly spoke to two manufacturers of “candy bombs” made with 3D printers.

Lyosha, a kyiv resident, and his friends did not see that drone-dropped grenades were not very efficient. So they came up with a anti-personnel bomb about 800 grams called «Rabbit». Said bomb could cut a plank “like butter”, according to Lyosha. Currently, the The Ukrainian army uses about 1,500 of these bombs a day.although they can only produce about 1,000.

Wild Bees, another volunteer groups, help making the body and the tail, about 27 cm. These elements are enter through customswhere the blind eye.

The Ukrainian military adds the explosive and shrapnel, thus finishing the assembly process. They even create mods, changing the location and arrangement of components to make them more efficient.

pump tank chatgpt

ChatGPT to refine the pumps

It is well known that ChatGPT adds mechanisms to not respond to illegal, immoral, drug or similar topics. But, there are users who have found “loops” through which to sneak in and bypass these restrictions. The Economist reports that the Ukrainians have found a way to get “engineering advice.”

No data is given on how they have achieved it, but they do indicate that they have used this AI as an assistant. It indicates that they have managed to formulate bombs with shrapnel that causes superheated jets of plasma that pierce armor. They can be loaded onto anti-armor drones and would be very effective, plus they weigh just 500 grams.

Nor is it new that the latest technology is used to wage war. In conflicts in the Middle and Near East, iPads have been used, for example, to calculate the firing angle of mortars. As always, technology is not the problem, it is how we use it.

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