Why is the WiFi slow on my mobile but it works fine on my PC?

Connecting to the Internet through mobile is very common today. We can say that we basically have two options: mobile data and Wi-Fi. This last option is the most common when we are at home, at work or in other places where we are not on the go. Now, sometimes problems can arise and we see that the speed is not the best. We are going to talk about this in this article. We are going to explain the main causes why Wi-Fi is slow on mobile.

Reasons for Wi-Fi to malfunction on mobile

As we can imagine, there is no single issue that causes Wi-Fi to go slow on mobile. There are many factors that can influence, some controllable and others that can escape the control of the user, such as a failure with the Internet operator. We are going to focus on what we can really modify and make it work better.

We are connected to an access point with a bad or no connection

A common cause is that we are connected to some malfunctioning access point. For example, a repeater that we have connected to the router but that is in a dead zone or with very limited connectivity and prevents a good speed.

This can happen with any device we have. Although the mobile connects well and receives a good signal, the problem in this case is on the side of the access point that does not receive a good speed and, therefore, does not offer good performance to the clients that connect. Controlling this can help improve Wi-Fi on mobile.

Using the wrong Wi-Fi band

Another common reason is that we are using a Wi-Fi band that is not the most suitable. Modern mobiles allow us to connect to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Each of them is good in certain circumstances. The first is the one that offers more stability when we connect far from the access point, although at a lower speed. The second is more sensitive to distance and it is better to use it when we are close to the router.

Therefore, it could happen that we are using a band that is not the best. We can try to connect the mobile to another Wi-Fi band and see if in this way the speed increases and we can better navigate the network.

The mobile has some malware or is out of date

We must not ignore the possibility that the mobile system has some kind of virus or malware limiting performance. This can inevitably affect the performance not being the best or even the internet connection running slow.

We must check that there are no viruses, use security programs and protect the system as much as possible. We will also achieve this if we update the device and correct certain errors.

Some program interferes

It could even happen that there is some program that is interfering. Any application that we have recently installed and that is affecting the use of the network, a VPN, antivirus … There are many elements that may be damaging the operation of Wi-Fi.

Reviewing everything we have installed can help us see if there is something that may be negatively affecting network performance. Especially you have to control the programs that use the connection.

In short, these are some of the main causes that may be affecting Wi-Fi on mobile phones. If we have speed problems, we can review these points and see if this is solved.

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