Vaccination: the French flock to Doctolib after Emmanuel Macron’s speech

There was a queue, this Monday, July 12, 2021 in the evening, on the Doctolib appointment platform. At issue: the speech of Emmanuel Macron, who announced that vaccinated people would clearly benefit from facilities to enter social and cultural places in the coming weeks, compared to the non-vaccinated.

Many of you are trying to make an appointment “, Posted the Doctolib site at 8:30 p.m. on Monday July 12, 2021.” Due to a large number of simultaneous connections, we invite you to wait in the queue. »Numerama noticed that the platform was unavailable, and indicated a waiting time of between 4 and 5 minutes depending on the connections. However, we spent more than 15 minutes in line without having access to the site.

Why such a sudden overload of the first platform for making medical appointments in France, precisely this evening? It is not a coincidence: this influx came exactly during the speech Emmanuel Macron gave from the Elysee Palace at 8 p.m.

Screenshot of the Doctolib site overloaded on July 12, 2021 // Source: Doctolib

Moreover, Doctolib was quick to confirm this sudden rush for vaccination slots: ” 17,000 appointments are made every minute at the moment The official platform account tweeted at 8:30 p.m.

Vaccinated people will soon have more benefits than the unvaccinated

Vaccination was not presented as an obligation for all French men and women by the President of the Republic, except for caregivers. However, he has multiplied the announcements that suggest that life would be much easier for those vaccinated than for others. ” From this week (July 12), border controls will be reinforced with forced isolation for unvaccinated travelers “, He stressed for example.

In particular, there are two big announcements that probably prompted citizens to take the plunge:

  • PCR tests will become chargeable from the fall, which means that it will be much less easy to turn to an antigen test when it is requested (the results of which arrive in 15 minutes)
  • The obligation to present a health pass in places open to the public will be widely extended from July 21, then in August: will be concerned almost all places such as restaurants, parks, concerts, festivals, etc.

If you are looking to secure an appointment but the time slots are tight, there are also two safe and effective tips for finding a vaccination appointment, which we have detailed here.

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