After Friends, LEGO bets on the set of… Seinfeld!

The LEGO of Seinfeld

Taking advantage of the anniversary Following the broadcast of the first chapter of the series, which premiered on July 5, 1989, LEGO has announced the availability of this new set that will arouse passions among fans of the series. This is a set that will perfectly match the FRIENDS set, be it the apartment duo or the Central Perk duo.

As we can see in the images, this small apartment includes many of the details of the series, and we will enjoy a very faithful recreation of the kitchen (the refrigerator has a Superman sticker), the sofa, a mini stage in which Jerry can act and even a Festivus pole to recreate the memorable scene.

Measuring 33 cm wide, 18 centimeters deep and 14 centimeters high, the set consists of a total of 1,326 pieces, and among the many elements we can find details of the series such as a muffin top, a Negative Forecast videotape, a Command 8 air conditioner and a Festivus pole.

All five characters included

LEGO Seinfeld

How could it be otherwise, the main characters are included, so we will find five minifigures that will represent Jerry Seinfeld, Goerge Costanza, Cosmo Kramer, Elaine Benes and Newman, each having recognizable elements that represent him, such as the stage microphone for Jerry, a donut for Kramer, a fishing pole and bar for George, and a bag of fish for Elaine.

When can it be purchased?

LEGO Seinfeld

This new LEGO Ideas set will hit stores on August 1, and will have an official price of 79.99 euros, although all VIP plan subscribers will be able to benefit from the early access sale on July 21.

Will there be more series-inspired sets?

Considering the success of FRIENDS sets and this fantastic Seinfeld-inspired proposal, it would be quite expected that LEGO would inaugurate some kind of family beyond the LEGO Ideas label, to encompass these types of constructions inspired by television series. . What other TV set would you like to see in LEGO format?

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