version 110 will make it easier to manage third-party modules and import favorites

Firefox version 110 for Windows, Mac, and Linux is available now, and one of its most notable features is the ability to disable third-party browser add-ons at will.

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Mozilla puts a lot of emphasis on the security of personal data and strives to offer more and more features giving control over how Firefox works. A third-party add-on can be considered as a file not signed by Microsoft or Mozilla injected into Firefox to improve its functionality. The antivirus or the graphics card frequently inject their own code to improve compatibility or performance. This maneuver is sometimes counter-productive and prevents the program from working correctly.

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Manually disabling third-party modules allows users toidentify the offending module(s) in Firefox. In addition to being able to control browser extensions and plugins, users have even more tools to perform a diagnosis. To view the list of third-party modules downloaded by the browser, simply enter “about:third-party” in the address bar.

Firefox version 110 offers even more possibilities to control browser performance

A page displaying the list of dynamic link libraries then appears. We see the name of each module, various information concerning it such as those concerning the publisher or the version of the file. A yellow alert icon appears next to the name if the add-on crashes the browser. Disable it by clicking on the corresponding icon on the right. Close Firefox and relaunch it to check that it is working properly.

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In addition to the usual performance improvements and other bug fixes, Firefox 110 now offers the ability to import bookmarks and data from a wider variety of browsers. In addition to automating import from Chrome and Edge, Firefox now supports Opera, Opera GX, and Vivaldi. Colorways themes disappear from the default version of the browser. Only the default themes, “Light”, “Dark” and “Alpenglow” are available as standard. To access even more customization options, you must now go to the page dedicated to Firefox extensions. Firefox v110 for Windows, macOS and Linux is available February 14, 2023.

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