Waves Ducks, democratizing cryptocurrencies through a game

Cryptocurrencies have become a mass phenomenon, although we can safely say that they have not yet been massively democratized, a reality that Waves Ducks is willing to change.

I am convinced that some of our readers, especially those who are more involved in the world of cryptocurrencies, will be clear about Waves Ducks, but for those who have doubts we want to explain, first of all, what exactly is Waves, since it is a central pillar of Waves Ducks, and we must be clear about it in advance.

Waves is a blockchain platform (chain of blocks), which aims to democratize cryptocurrencies through knowledge, that is, of help people better understand the keys to the blockchain sector, and also how the DeFI works. Its ultimate goal is, as you may have imagined, to ensure that everyone can have access to cryptocurrencies.

The ecosystem on which it sits Waves has more than 5 years of experience in the cryptocurrency sector, a pretty good figure, as cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new thing.

Waves Ducks: A Unique Game

I think that is, without a doubt, the best way to define it. Waves Ducks is an NFT game integrated into the Waves ecosystem, which uses collectible digital duck images in NFT format. These images allow the player to perform different actions related to the life cycle of a duck, including from hatching to reproduction, hatching, “farming” and even the original baby duck fights, a “player versus player” mode that adds a touch of fun, and competitiveness, unique.

To guarantee its correct operation, and security, Waves Ducks works as a decentralized application that works with smart contracts available on the Internet, which guarantees that each of the NFTs is truthful, and helps us avoid counterfeits. Among the most important items that bring this game to life is the EGG, a token which is used as currency to carry out numerous activities, such as buying ducks.

Waves Ducks

Obtaining ducks is essential to increase our EGG portfolio, since these allow us to breed new ducks with which make our farm grow. However, it must be borne in mind that not all ducks have the same value. Jackpot ducks are very special, and also very rare. They have a unique design, as they are inspired by famous people, and their value can be very high.

At Waves Ducks, we can buy and sell ducks to get EGG tokens, the in-game currency. With this, We will fully enter the world of cryptocurrencies in a safe, fun and affordable way. Do you want to start? Well, it’s very easy, you just have to follow this link and create an account.

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