What premieres to see this weekend on Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime

A new weekend is ahead and perhaps at this point, you are still looking for a good movie, series or documentary to enjoy quietly from the sofa at home. Have we hit the nail on the head? Then do not forget to take a look at our proposals to see in Netflix, HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video. Go ahead.

What to watch on Netflix

Within the catalog of the red N, we can highlight the return of the successful series Russian doll. The first season of fiction was quite a discovery for many -it arrived making very little noise and word of mouth did the rest-, so it is likely that you will be interested to know that since Wednesday the season 2 is now available for your enjoyment.

In it we meet Nadia again (brilliantly played by Natasha Lyonne), who is again involved in a quite surreal story where walks through time are not lacking. Not everyone was in favor of a second season – the first ended satisfactorily – but we will have to give it a try, right?

What to watch on HBO Max

It’s the season premiere for HBO so you’ve probably already guessed what we’re going to offer you. Indeed the Matt Reeves movie, batmanis already on the platform available for the enjoyment of all lovers of the Dark Knight, thus being able to enjoy this new plot shortly after its theatrical release.

Remember that this movie starring Robert Pattinson is one of the most anticipated superhero films of recent times, thanks to that approach that presents us with the character again with the halo of darkness that has always characterized him. The critics have also supported the good work of both the actor -and that at first did not convince anything- and the director, so you should not miss the opportunity to see it this weekend.

It is not the only cinematographic proposal that you have within the HBO Max catalog. Starting tomorrow, Saturday, you can also enjoy Tenet, Christopher Nolan’s latest film. A thriller with that twist that only Nolan knows how to give to his films and in which the concept of time reversal will be the common thread of a really complex plot – don’t rule out that you have to watch it more than once.

What to watch on Amazon Prime Video

If you want to bet on some Spanish cinema, the proposal is on Amazon Prime Video. there you can see Better daysin which Dr. Laforet, a psychologist with somewhat different, receives four unknown people in consultation (Luis, a successful businessman who always has everything under control; Sara, a doctor convinced that she has lost the love of her life; Pardo, a currently unsuccessful Mexica artist; and Graci, a university student Together they will recount in therapy the hardest moments they have experienced, entering a process that seeks to believe again that sooner or later, they will laugh and love again.

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