What to watch this hot weekend on HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon and more

john wick 4

If you plan to spend this hot weekend at home with the air conditioning on full blast, you are going to need a few proposals to have an entertaining time. And that is exactly what we offer you here: some ideas to watch this weekend taking into account the premieres that have taken place these days on HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon and Disney +. Aim.

What to watch on HBO Max

HBO Max has had to come to the fore to confirm that the idol It is not going to be canceled as some media pointed out. We do not know if there will be a second season (that will depend on its director, in the words of the content platform), but at least you already have the third episode of this controversial series in the catalog for your enjoyment – it has been available since Monday.

Do you prefer an easy romantic movie to hang out and have a laugh? So you know that since yesterday the tape has been available an almost perfect datewith Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco, in which we are asked what we would do if we could travel to the past of our loved ones and solve their traumas so that they become the perfect couple!

Releases on Netflix

After the media uproar that has been caused by My fault of Amazon Prime Video, those of Netflix will not see the moment to take out their heavy artillery for adolescents with Across the sea. This continuation of through my window, slightly changes the title -and who knows if a lot or a little the plot- to continue telling us how things are going for Ares and Raquel now that they maintain a relationship in the distance. We do not doubt that it will be a new phenomenon among fans of the Hidalgo brothers’ trilogy. It is available from today.

The best releases of the week on Amazon

With the promo they are doing for him, it would be almost remiss not to include him here. We refer to the premiere of john wick 4, which has been available since yesterday in the Amazon Prime Video catalog. This time, John Wick discovers a way to defeat The Table, but, before he can win his freedom, Wick will have to face a new enemy with powerful alliances around the world capable of turning old friends into enemies. .

If you prefer another type of theme, you should not miss the thriller Last night in Soho about a young woman who has a passion for fashion design and admires a stunning aspiring singer from the 1960s who she is able to meet by going back to that time. What she doesn’t imagine is that London back then has nothing to do with what she knows today.

What to see on Disney+

Without a doubt, the premiere of the week on Disney + has to do with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And it is that the expected series of secret invasion It has finally been released with its first episode on the platform. Remember that this plot will put Nick Fury in the spotlight in his new fight against a large organization of Skrulls that are replacing important personalities throughout the world to take over our planet.

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