WhatsApp is now more secure and private thanks to this new feature

WhatsApp It long ago became the go-to application for communicating with friends or family. It started out as a messaging application, but the truth is that now you can also use it to call or make video calls. Precisely, the last thing we mentioned is the latest news they have presented. The objective is to improve the security and privacy of the users. It is something we have become accustomed to lately and this is a new example.

But what does this novelty consist of? WhatsApp now allows hide your location when you make a call. This change will allow you to increase privacy when you make a call through this platform. If you don’t want them to know your location, you will be able to hide it in a simple way.

WhatsApp hides location in calls

This new feature It will be available for both iOS and Android. When you make a call through WhatsApp, the standard direct connection will be changed for another in which the company’s servers will be used. This means that the metadata of the IP address will be able to be hidden. This may contain information such as geographic location or Internet provider.

Therefore, with this they will improve privacy. You will not expose your location when you make a whatsapp call, since all that metadata is going to be hidden. For those looking for maximum privacy and being able to reduce the information displayed on the network as much as possible, it is a good solution.

This will not affect the operation of the application in any way, nor more specifically the calls. Everything will continue to work the same, with the only change that the connection will not be direct between users, but will go through the WhatsApp servers to be able to hide that information that could expose the location.

Privacy, safe

You may wonder if the conversation privacy He’s really going to be safe now. Ultimately, those calls will go through WhatsApp servers. The company itself has come forward and assured that there is no way they can wiretap. Those calls will be end-to-end encrypted.

It should be mentioned that group calls already passed, by default, through their servers. This is now extended to calls between two individuals. This extra layer of protection will also be available on any call you make, without having to be a group call with several people.

If you like enable this new feature, you can do it easily. To do this, you have to enter Settings, go to Privacy, go down to Advanced and there you enable the option to Protect the IP address on calls. By default, as you will see, the box is unchecked and you will only have to check it.

In short, if you are going to make calls with this application, now your privacy will be more protected. Just as you can avoid problems with fake WhatsApp links, it is also important to reduce the information you post online and thus avoid problems.

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