Are you worried about viruses when browsing? Now with Chrome it will be almost impossible to download a virus

It is when browsing, visiting a web page or downloading a file, that we run the most security risks. Therefore, using a good browser can help avoid certain problems. In this article we echo how Google Chrome, one of the most popular, is going to be updated to improve protection. Gonna make it a lot more complicated to download a virus by mistake when we used your program.

Chrome will better block dangerous downloads

From Google they are working on a new feature for your Chrome browser that aims to improve download security. Specifically, it is a new option that will block downloads that are not safe once it is enabled. The goal is to prevent us from accidentally downloading files that could be a problem.

Today most websites are HTTPS. It means that the information is encrypted. However, there are still many HTTP links that can be used by hackers to scam. In fact, it is common for the browser to alert us when we enter an unencrypted page, to tell us that we are facing a potentially insecure site.

The novelty now is that Google Chrome will block any download that originates from a source http. This also includes a redirect. Basically these are the scenarios in which the Google browser will act to block any download that may be made:

  • The page with the download link is not secure
  • The final URL being used is not secure
  • Any redirects that may be insecure

Therefore, having this function enabled will make it much more difficult to download a virus. Although it does not mean that we are 100% protected, we will be able to avoid many of the threats that come when downloading a document or file from a web page. At the moment this function is going to be tested, but hopefully it will reach everyone soon and it will be enabled automatically.

Additional tips to avoid downloading viruses

We have seen that browsers are increasingly protected and, in addition, functions like this appear to avoid downloading viruses. But we must bear in mind that an important part of security will depend on us. Therefore, it is convenient to take into account certain tips so as not to fall into the trap.

Something essential is common sense. Never click on links that may be fraudulent, or download files from sites that may be dangerous. It doesn’t matter if the antivirus or the browser itself warns us or not, since security applications sometimes fail. You should always keep common sense and be guided by what may or may not be a problem.

It is also essential to have All updated. We are not only talking about the browser, but also about the system itself. Install the latest versions and that will help you correct vulnerabilities and at the same time include improvements that help the device function better.

In short, beyond the security options of the browser, as it is the last one that Google Chrome will include, it is essential to take certain measures. This will help you improve security when using Chrome and also any other browser you use in your daily life on the Internet.

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