Where can I buy Diablo IV, and its prequels, cheaper?

Diablo IV is one of the most anticipated games of recent years, a title that is already available as of today so that everyone who buys the game can enjoy this long-awaited version that has received very good reviews from users and the press. specialized, a title that is available in three versions: Standard, Digital Deluxe and Ultimate, each at a different price.

All available versions of this title include access to the base game. The only difference between the Standard version and the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate versions is that they include exclusive cosmetics, access to the unlocked battle pass and that users who have bet on this title had the opportunity to start playing last weekend, a exclusivity that ends today June 6.

The official starting price of the different versions of Diablo IV available through Battle.Net is:

  • Standard Version: 69.99 euros
  • Digital Deluxe version: 89.99 euros
  • Ultimate version: 99.99 euros

Diablo IV is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The price of this title for all platforms is exactly the same if we opt for the traditional way of buying it from Battle.Net or from the respective Xbox and PlayStation stores. However, there are other cheaper ways to get both this title and previous versions.

Buy Diablo IV cheaper

As usual during the first days of release, getting these titles at a lower price is usually quite difficult if we do not take into account other options.

  • Diablo IV for PC. If we want to buy the new Diablo saga title for PC, the only way to do it is through Battle.Net. We can use Blizzard gift cards available at Eneba for 20 and 50 euros.
  • Diablo IV for PlayStation. We can buy the Standard version of Diablo IV for PlayStation 5 on Amazon with a 10-euro discount and a final price of 69.99 euros. The Deluxe and Ultimate version is only available by purchasing gift cards. The version for PlayStation 4 is available at MediaMarkt for 69.99 euros.
  • Diablo IV for Xbox. In Eneba, we can get the Standard version with 4 euros with a final price of 65.99 euros. The version for Series X and S of Diablo IV on Amazon is for 69.99 euros, which is a 13% discount on its official price. If we want the Deluxe or Ultimate version, we will not find them on Amazon.

Buy Diablo saga prequels

If we want to know where the fame that this title has earned since the first version that hit the market comes from, we can buy the prequels, prequels that we can find at Eneba at very interesting prices. The game Devil original together with Hellfire we can buy it for only 10.58 euros. The code to redeem devil 2 in Battle.Net it is available for 6.95 euros, while the most recent version before the launch of Diablo IV, Diablo 3, we can buy it for 29.99 euros.

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