Which console is better to buy: Xbox Series X or PS5?

There is no doubt that at the level of sales PS4 has swept the ground with Xbox One on desktop consoles, which has forced Microsoft and its Xbox division to get the batteries for the new generation. With both consoles priced the same and PC GPUs out of purchase, is it worth buying an Xbox Series X instead of a PS5?

The PlayStation brand has a huge success in our country, this is undeniable and this has allowed SONY to have a mental quota that its rivals envy every time they launch a new console. However, 99% of the games that are launched on the market come out for PlayStation, Xbox and PC and the hardware between PS5 and Xbox Series X is very close.

Nowadays, it is impossible to get a graphics card at a reasonable price, many PC users are considering dedicating their capital to buy a new generation console. However, SONY’s console is not the only viable option and there are a number of points where Microsoft’s becomes the first option.

Is Xbox Series X better than PS5?

The answer from the point of view of who is writing this and has both consoles connected to their 4K OLED HDR television is a yes, but these advantages are not natural limitations of PS5, but things that SONY could implement for PS5 in the future and of the you should take note.

The first of them is the so-called Quick Resume, which consists in that the RAM is copied as is in a part of the internal SSD of the console in order to later be able to play from that exact point when we resume the game. The second point is the issue of improved versions, since on Xbox these updates are automatic, however, on PS5 they are separate versions where sometimes we have to go through the box buying the game a second time, acquiring the patch or simply work as on Xbox, depending on the game.

The third point is the Game Pass compared to PlayStation Now. When you buy PS5 and join PlayStation Plus, it is essential to play online except Free To Play games, although they give you a series of AAA games from the previous generation. On the other hand, PS Now is the cloud service with the particularity that you can download PS4 games on your console to play them from it, so it is also an on-demand games service. Game Pass is no different, however, it has games on the service from day one.

Our recommendation

PS5 vs Xbox controllers

Because playing is a subjective experience that not all of us live in the same way, our recommendation is that when buying a console or another you look first at what you want to play and do not let yourself be influenced by third parties, especially in a world where Zealots of different brands exist. Look at the catalog of each one, the games that interest you and buy the one you want, both are excellent products that will not disappoint you at all. What’s more, we recommend having both if you can.

If we already talk at the hardware level, after all it is what interests most of you, technically Xbox Series X is a little more powerful, so that may be the weighty argument that many want to have, since the games look a little better. Of course, the differences are not day and night at a technical level and less than what many think and from here our recommendation between a Gaming PC and a console will always be the computer, it is simply in another league.

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