White or black, steel and with RGB: this is the Newskill Anhur table

The Spanish manufacturer Newskill has announced the expansion of its catalog of tables intended for gaming with the addition of the new model Anhur RGB, a professional table equipped with a large number of extras that will make life easier for players so that they can concentrate on their games and nothing else. Of course, we are before a table adorned with RGB lighting configurable and that, in this case, is outside the norm because it is available in both the usual color black like in White, so that users can choose the color that best matches their gaming ecosystem.

As a general rule, most users are satisfied with a normal table, intended for conventional tasks and that serves as a desk. However, since the appearance a few years ago of tables created specifically for PC (and more for the gaming ecosystem) things are changing, since it is not the same to use any table as one that has been specifically designed for your purpose. This is the Anhur RGB from Newskill, built to make life easier for players so they can focus on the game.

Newskill Anhur, the gaming table that has it all?

Newskill Anhur
Type Gaming
illumination Configurable RGB around the perimeter
Structure 1.2mm thick steel
18mm thick board
Dimensions 120 x 60 x 75 centimeters (width x depth x height)
Weight 15.3 Kg
Additional features All-surface mat
Coasters (10 cm)
Headphone holder (6 cm)
PVPR € 169.95

The Newskill Anhur RGB stands out for its large surface, with a board measuring 120 x 60 centimeters and 18 mm thick that guarantees space to mount a complete gaming PC with two monitors and, in addition, great resistance to bear weight. In fact, it also stands out because the structure is made of 1.2 mm thick steel, giving the set great robustness to withstand for many, many years.

The surface of the dashboard is not only functional, it is also aesthetic since the manufacturer has endowed it with a finish similar to carbon fiber that gives it an elegant yet modern look. This is accentuated by its configurable RGB lighting in seven colors around the perimeter of the upper board, allowing the user to adapt the aesthetics of their table to that of the rest of the gaming hardware and peripherals.

In addition to this, as we mentioned at the beginning, this table has another peculiarity, and that is that in addition to being offered in the usual black color that predominates in almost the entire gaming ecosystem, Newskill has gone a step further and has dared with a white color, so that lovers of this color will already be able to have a gaming table to match the rest of their configuration.

On the other hand, Newskill has paid special attention to detail with this table designed for the most demanding gamers, and incorporates a wide range of details that will make their life easier; To begin with, we are not looking at a table with a rectangular top, but rather all its corners have been rounded to avoid painful accidents and discomfort to the wrist or arm.

In addition, it has a large cup holder on the right side and a holder for headphones, so that you no longer have to leave them on the table taking up space. On the other hand, two holes have been integrated with a cover to be able to comfortably channel the cables of the peripherals, the monitor and the PC box itself if you want, making its use more convenient if possible for all types of users, they are of those who put the PC case on or under the table and have one or more monitors.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Newskill has also arranged a comfortable mat on the top of the dash (black in the case of the black model and white in the case of the white model) that occupies the entire surface, and that has been adorned with the brand logo. This mat can be removed and inserted according to user preferences (to wash as well), exposing the carbon fiber-emulating surface of the dash.

Price and availability

Newskill table

The new Newskill Anhur gaming table is now available in pre-purchase (with shipping from December 17, 2021) in the Newskill online store at a sale price of 169.90 Euros, and the manufacturer has already confirmed that very soon We can also buy it in other stores such as Amazon Spain or PcComponentes.

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