Why can a cheap VPN be expensive?

Use a VPN it is not always safe. It is true that they are very useful programs to protect privacy when surfing the net, but we can also find applications that are not so reliable. Everything will depend on how well we choose. Sometimes users go for free or low-cost VPNs, but it can actually go wrong and become a major security concern. We are going to talk about this in this article.

A free or cheap VPN can be a problem

Basically we have two options to install a VPN: opt for the free or pay a subscription for her. In addition, within the second option we can find a wide range of prices. Some are really cheap, practically free, while others involve a higher cost.

What about the free ones or those with a very small cost? Although we do not want to say that this is the case for 100% of the programs, we could find that the real source of income is collect our data. For example, the sites we visit, where we connect from, what devices we use …

After all, personal data has great value on the web. They can be used to include us in advertising campaigns, Spam or even sell them to third parties. They don’t always end up in good hands, as they could end up in an attacker’s database.

Therefore, when starting to use a VPN, you must be aware of the importance of choosing well. We should only install applications that we can trust and, whenever possible, avoid those that are free. That is why we say that a Free VPN it can end up being expensive.

The problems of a bad VPN

We have explained that a free or very cheap VPN can be a major problem. Now, what really can happen? On the one hand is the fact that they can collect personal information. This information can be used to profit and obtain economic benefit.

But you also have to take into account that they could malfunction. Although it is not specifically designed to steal data, it could have problems that expose our information on the network. Let’s think that we are browsing from a public Wi-Fi network and we use a VPN to be more protected. That program is malfunctioning and, unbeknownst to us, it is leaking browsing data.

In addition, it could malfunction when it comes to skipping a geo-blocking. For example, we are in a certain country where a service, such as Netflix, does not work due to location limitations. Perhaps that VPN does not have the ability to bypass the blockade and we will run into the same problem as if we surfed without it.

Therefore, when choosing a VPN, it is essential to know how it is going to work, what its possible limitations are and how it is really going to come in handy to be protected on the network and that everything works correctly. You can see a tutorial to choose a VPN well.

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