Why is my iPhone not charging?

my iPhone won't charge

if you’re wondering why my iphone won’t chargeyou have reached the article where you will find the source of the problem along with the solution.

There are many factors that can affect the charging system / method of an iPhone, from external to internal to the device itself. If you want to know them all, I invite you to continue reading.

check the charger

iPhone charger

The first thing we should check if our iPhone does not charge is check that the charger is still working. Although it is not usual, it is likely that the charger is the problem of the charging problems that our iPhone is presenting.

The easiest method to check if the charger is still working is use it with any other devicebe it an iPhone, an Android smartphone, a tablet or, in general, any device that works through a charger.

If the charger does not work, we have found the iPhone charging problem. The cheapest solution is to use any other charger you have around the house (I’m sure you have plenty in a drawer).

If that is not the case, on amazon you can buy chargers for your iPhone from 4 euros (if you are looking for a safe device that will last you a few years). You can also choose to buy chargers that include multiple ports so you can charge more than one device together on the same plug.

Prior to decide to buy a chargerit is advisable to check both the number of ratings that the article has received and the rating it has from users.

Chargers to charge an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch are not certified by Apple, which allows us to use any model on the market. Apple certification if necessary on the charging cable for lightning type. If you are not certified, the iOS device will detect it and stop charging

This certification not needed on USB-C charging cables, as it is an industry standard.

Does the cord work?

lightning cable

If the charger works, it is probably the problem is in the charging cable. Lightning cables are made of degradable materials to help the environment, so their resistance to use leaves much to be desired.

These cables usually peeling around the lightning connector area. Check that the cable is not damaged in any area, including the entire route. To make sure the cable is working properly, try charging another Apple device with the same connection.

If it doesn’t work, try to move the area of ​​cable that shows some kind of unusual damage. If after slightly moving the cableyour iPhone charges, we already know where the problem is.

When buying a cable, we can go to both the Apple Store and Amazon. In the latter, we must check the user ratings, since the cable must be officially certified by Apple.

And I say officially by Apple, because many manufacturers add this string to the item description when it really isn’t. And, although at first it works without problems, over time it will stop doing it (and I say this from my own experience).

Clean the charging port

iPhone charging lightning port

The charging port of the iPhone, like the charging port of any other smartphone or tablet, it’s a dirt sink.

In that hole you can accumulate from dust to fluffpassing through any element small enough to go in and not out.

The fastest method to check if the iPhone charging problem is in the charging port is blowing briskly in the harbor (avoiding spitting in the attempt).

Also, we can use the ear cleaning swab to clean any possible residue that is impregnated in the connectors.

You don’t have to use a toothpick or similar elements, since we can damage the charging connector and be forced, yes or yes, to go to the technical service to have it replaced.

Clean the charging cable port

lightning cable

The lightning cable connectors are usually get dirty quite easily. If they accumulate dirt, it does not allow good contact with the charging port.

Although the usual thing is to pass the finger, it is not recommended to do it since we leave a trail of fat which, in the long run, can be a more serious problem in the future.

To clean the lightning cable connector, it is recommended to use isopropyl alcohol with a lint-free cloth. We must properly clean both sides of the port.

Try wireless charging

wireless charger

With the launch of the iPhone X, Apple introduced support for wireless charginga load that works exactly the same as in the Android devices that they had been using for years.

If your iPhone supports wireless charging, you should try such a charger. Being a charging standard, is not certified by Applewhich allows us to use any charger on the market.

How to know if my iPhone has wireless charging?

  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8Plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XSMax
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11Pro
  • iPhone 11 ProMax
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 ProMax
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13mini
  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 ProMax

To charge an iPhone using the support for wireless charging, we just have to place the device on the charging base and wait a second for the upload to start.

The charging process used this technology It is much slower than if we use a charger through a cable. If we take into account that most users charge our iPhone when we go to sleep, charging time should not be a problem.

A wireless charger with a 10W powerIt has a price of about 15 euros on Amazon.

Go to technical service

If you still can’t get your iPhone to charge, the problem is likely is not outside the iPhone but inside it.

Although it is not usual, the lightning charging port of the iPhone can get off the plate where it is soldered and not making good contact.

As I say, it does not usually happen since being a reversible connector, never press on it to properly insert the charging cableas if it happens in the microUSB ports in Android terminals.

If your iPhone still under warrantyAlthough it is more expensive, the best option is to go to an Apple Store or to one of the different authorized repair centers that Apple has in Spain and other countries.

In this way, if the device has any other problem that is covered by the guarantee, Apple will fix your device without giving you any trouble.

But, if your device is a few years old, and the official guarantee is a thing of the past, you can go to the different unauthorized centers that we can find in any neighborhood. In exchange for a few euros, we will recover the possibility of recharging our iPhone with the cable.

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