Why Wi-Fi isn’t working well on mobile: tips to improve it

Wi-Fi networks are very important to mobile devices

As we say, have a powerful Wi-Fi network, stable and with a good speed is something fundamental today. We have many devices that are part of our day to day connected to the network. We need a connection to establish communications with friends and family, use social networks, inform ourselves …

Therefore, a Wi-Fi network is essential in our day to day for mobile. Whenever we are at home or have a network nearby, we can avoid using the mobile network, which is an expense. But you also have to think about how we use the Internet today. There are services such as streaming platforms or the cloud that need high data consumption and good speed.

All this means that when suffering some problem with wireless connection we may have difficulty navigating normally. Hence, we must correct these failures as soon as possible and ensure that our mobile connects well to the network.

Why Wi-Fi is bad on mobile

The reasons why Wi-Fi malfunctions on mobile phones are very varied. Sometimes it can be due to a device problem, a bad configuration, but it can also be due to failures with the network we are trying to connect to.

Configuration issues

If we see that the Wi-Fi does not work well on the mobile, one of the first steps we can take is to check that the setting is correct. We must see that we do not have any type of limitation when connecting to a network or we have a program that is causing some type of conflict. This could be preventing us from browsing the network normally.

Malware on the device

Undoubtedly, another reason why the Internet can malfunction on mobile phones is having some type of malware. There are many threats on the Internet. Many kinds of malicious software that in one way or another may compromise our security.

Therefore, if we try to connect to a Wi-Fi network and see that the connection is slow or that it does not allow normal browsing, it could be some type of malware that is causing problems in the system.

Connected to a network with poor coverage

Another very present point is to be connected to a network with bad coverage. Distance is one of the main factors that cause failures when browsing the web. But even when connecting to a nearby access point we could have problems. Let’s say we want to connect through a wireless repeater that we have nearby. It may happen that this device does not offer good coverage.

Hardware limitation

Also another issue to consider is the hardware limitation we are using. Does our mobile allow dual band? Is the network card you have powerful or very limited? All this could also be the cause of slow Wi-Fi on our mobile.

How to improve Wi-Fi on your mobile

We have seen what can be some of the main causes why Wi-Fi is slow on mobile. Now we are going to move on to the most important thing: how to improve the quality of the signal. We are going to give a series of interesting tips that we can put into practice in a simple way.

Choose the band correctly

One of these recommendations that we want to give is to correctly choose the band. As we know, today most modern devices allow us to connect in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Are we connected in the correct one?

We are still connected to a very distant network and using the 5 GHz band, which could affect speed. Or perhaps the opposite case: we are using the 2.4 GHz band when we could use the other and achieve a better speed.

Keep the mobile clean and updated

Of course we must also keep your mobile protected and correctly updated to avoid problems when surfing the net. As we saw earlier, one of the causes of slow connection is malware. Hence the importance of always having a good antivirus.

Equally important is having the device updated. On the one hand, we are going to achieve the performance improvements that there may be, but also correct those vulnerabilities that could be exploited by third parties and damage the proper functioning.

Avoid using VPN or switching to another server

Use VPN on the mobile is something that is very present in our day to day. Very useful to connect to public wireless networks, for example. It is also to hide the real IP address and to be able to access services that may be restricted.

However, using a VPN can limit your connection speed. Therefore, if we have problems with Wi-Fi on the mobile and we are using a VPN, we can choose two possible solutions: stop using it or choose another server and see if it works faster.

Mobile VPN

Use Wi-Fi repeaters at home

The use of repeaters and amplifiers Wi-Fi can also be instrumental in improving speed when browsing wirelessly. If we have problems in our home when connecting with the mobile, it may be because we are too far from the access point.

We can easily solve this by using a Wi-Fi repeater, PLC device or Wi-Fi Mesh system. They can help improve coverage and that translates into greater speed that will allow us to navigate without problems.

Use programs to view signal strength

One more question that we want to show is to use programs on the mobile that help us to see the signal strength. Maybe we are connected to a network and we get very little signal. There are programs that help us to better choose which access point to connect to, for example.

In short, these are some tips that we can put into practice to connect to Wi-Fi from the mobile with the best guarantees so as not to have problems and that navigation is fluid.

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