WiFi repeater in each room? Do this better and have more coverage

Having Internet throughout the house is not always possible. The wifi signal it can arrive weak, you can be in dead zones, sites with interference… A very recurring device is to use a repeater or amplifier. Now, is it a good idea to have repeaters in every room? In this article we are going to tell you what can happen and we will give you a much better alternative so that you have a problem-free connection throughout your home, with good speed and stability.

The problem with Wi-Fi repeaters is that they have limitations. They need to connect to the router to later distribute that signal to other devices. If the router is too far away, that signal will be very weak and you will not be able to connect other devices correctly. That’s when the problem starts and makes it very difficult to have repeaters in all roomsas there will always be some that are further from the router.

Use a mesh system

To bypass the limitation that we have mentioned, the ideal is that you use a Wi-Fi Mesh system. What does it consist of? Are multiple devices or satellites that are going to be connected to each other to offer Internet connection. Unlike a repeater, which will have to be connected to the router, in this case the different satellites are connected to each other.

This is what will allow coverage goes further. In fact, a good Mesh system can cover several hundred square meters without problems. That means that you will be able to cover your entire home and have a connection without problems. You can connect computers, mobiles, television and any other device.

The mesh systems they can have two, three or more satellites. Logically, the more you have, the better so that the coverage goes further. There are even models that allow you to expand the number of devices that you will be able to have in your Wi-Fi mesh system. It is ideal for covering several plants and areas far away from the router.

Choose a guaranteed device

It is important that you choose a good Wi-Fi Mesh system. This will allow you to improve the connection and make sure that you are not going to have problems. Our advice is to always read comments and ratings, to see how other people who have previously bought it have fared. That will help you choose a reliable option.

Beyond that, it’s best to buy devices that are double band. In this way, you will be able to use both the 2.4 GH frequency and the 5 GHz frequency. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose one or the other depending on what you need. The first has more coverage, but the speed is lower; the second is faster, but more sensitive to distance.

It is also interesting that it has ports ethernet and that they are Gigabit. You will be able to connect cable devices, such as a television, computer and other compatible devices. This gives you greater stability with respect to the wireless network. You will have fewer problems connecting devices.

In short, as it is an alternative to having several wireless repeaters at home, it is to use a good Wi-Fi Mesh system. It is the best to have coverage in all rooms, with good stability and speed. Choosing a good device is key to having optimal performance.

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