Will Windows 11 be usable on Mac computers?

There should be no obstacle for Windows 11 on Mac

Currently it is possible to install Windows 10 on a Mac partition thanks to the Boot Camp Assistant. This is a tool included natively in Apple computers to facilitate the installation of the Microsoft operating system and make Macs boot into or into macOS, depending on what each user prefers at all times. We can also find programs to virtualize Windows on Mac developed by third parties and that are useful if you want to use that system within macOS itself.

Given these precedents and in light of what is being announced in these weeks, it seems that with Windows 11 there will not be too many changes in the installation processes. In fact, some users have already been able to test this new Microsoft system on a partition on their Mac and although it is noted that it is not a definitive version, it does not present a greater problem than the one that could arise right now on any PC.

The pending subject is in the Mac with Apple Silicon

While Microsoft sees its future in Windows 11, Apple does it with its own ARM chips for Mac that are already completely changing the way their computers work, making them much faster and more efficient than with the processors manufactured by Intel and that still have some computers in their line incorporated. However, that ARM architecture is being a headache for those carriers of a Mac M1 who want to install Windows in a partition, since it cannot be done even though Boot Camp is installed.

BootCamp M1

Boot Camp Warning Message on Mac with Apple Silicon

In interviews with the media, some Apple executives point to Microsoft as responsible for the incompatibility of Windows on Mac with Apple Silicon, since it is the company led by Satya Nadella who have to make it compatible (currently Windows only serves OEMs that ask for compatibility with ARM architecture). In view of the fact that other manufacturers are already betting on this type of processors, it seems more than evident that Microsoft will have to adapt its operating system universally and it will be then when the possibility of using Boot Camp is enabled on any Mac.

Until that time comes, Windows 11 can only be virtualized on Macs with Apple Silicon with applications like Parallels. These recently announced their compatibility with the M1 allowing the installation of Windows 10 and in the last hours they confirmed that they are working to ensure that the eleventh version can be virtualized when it officially arrives and therefore can also be functional on those Apple Macs.

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