Willyrex Launches Its Own NFTs: Scam or Genius?

Willyrex was already involved in a controversy last March for his foray into the world of NFTs. It got to such a point that decided to postpone the launch from his first collection of NFTs. Since then, Guillermo Díaz has completely changed the theme of his YouTube channels, doing everything possible to train his users in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Willyrex finally takes out his NFTs: He goes out regular

But it has not worked out well either. This week, Willy resumed his project in conjunction with Zigor, a digital artist. He did it on the Mito platform, which is located on the polygon blockchain, which is a side-chain of Ethereum that stands out for having a ridiculous energy consumption and very low commissions. Still, Willyrex has now received an even stronger response than in March. They accuse him of swindler, of wanting to turn children into gamblers and of selling smoke. The streamer he has been quite overcome in some moments, since he has not been able to defend the accusations in a blunt and forceful way.

Despite this, the token sale has been a success. Most of the tokens were sold for 1 MATIC (the Polygon network coin, which is worth about $ 1.6) and the most unique and exclusive NFT sold for the equivalent of $ 14,700.

Is Willyrex scamming his audience?

At this point, one wonders if Willy is ripping people off or does he really trust his draft. And here we have to be quite cautious, because Willyrex is not just any user who has become famous overnight. The Madrilenian has been uploading a video to YouTube for more than eleven years, a platform where he is considered almost a father. They follow him 17 million users and we could say that, in all this time, this has been the only controversy in which he has been involved. In general, it can be said that he is quite a respectful and reserved boy.

Knowing his history, it would be absurd for Guillermo to throw away all the fame that he has accumulated over the years for making a scam with NFTs. Nor is he a person who needs money desperately, and their metrics on websites like Socialblade show that it has not gone bad these years precisely.

Where is Willyrex going wrong?

However, just because he’s not a scammer doesn’t mean we all have to go diving for a Willyrex NFT like crazy. The basis of the Willyrex NFT problem is communicative. The world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is complex enough in itself, and if we add the market for non-fungible tokens, things get out of hand. The time Willy has spent on his channel training on crypto and NFTs have not been enough.

Is wrong of target

It is understandable that Guillermo Díaz has gotten tired of playing video games after 11 years doing it non-stop and wants to experiment in other businesses. But reconverting its channel into a telemarketing of the world of cryptocurrencies it was not your brightest idea.

East error So basic is the one that has served many of his haters to accuse him of wanting to sell NFT to minors and turn them into speculators.

Where is the usefulness of your NFTs?

On the other hand, it has not been able to teach the real usefulness of its non-fungible tokens either. Sure Ubisoft, EA, and Facebook are into NFTs, but that’s does not mean that they will work because if.

The utility of the NFT today is merely speculative. They are bought in case it is possible to sell them more expensively in the future. Willy should have nipped this path in the bud. I would not have received so much hate if he had made it clear that the usefulness of his tokens is simply that of support their work and that of the artists that are together with him. Plain and simple. That approach is much more aligned with his personality, and surely it was his intention, we do not doubt it. Only time and people will decide if this new market that is opening is going to prosper or if it will end in oblivion like so many other promising projects.

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