Windows 11 is around 25% among gamers

Finally, as we told you when it was released, Windows 11 22H2 it turned out not to bring under the arm all the news that we expected at first, as some of them will arrive later with the Moments 1 and Moments 2 updates, The tabs in the file browser (which you can activate if you wish, however), the new photos function and more, will keep us waiting a little longer plus. Personally I think, and I already said it at the time, that Microsoft is right to reduce the size of updates, to reduce the risk of concurrent failures. However, this means that the updates are not as attractive, which reduces its ability to attract more users.

Be that as it may, this update it was expected to be a major milestone in the adoption of Windows 11 by users who are still in previous versions, mainly in Windows 10, but still with some users who remain in Windows 7 and Windows 8. And, let’s see the data source, in all cases we see that The most used version today, and by far, is Windows 10. Something that, of course, goes against the interests of Microsoft.

Nevertheless, we see how the trend, sometimes slower and sometimes faster, indicates that the jump does not stop. It doesn’t happen at a great speed (if we do an average since its launch, we get about 2% per month since its launch, although obviously it hasn’t happened uniformly, at that rate), but it shows us that the transition it keeps. And yes, this is excellent news for Microsoft.

The latest sample, in this sense, is found in the monthly Steam survey, a survey carried out by the platform on a regular basis and that provides a fairly complete x-ray of the hardware and software used by the players. And it is that, as we can read in the September report, during this last month the share of Windows 11 users has increased by 1.06%, standing at 24.84%, touching the doors of the symbolic 25%that is, that one in four Windows users is already on the most recent version of it.

These numbers could have been compromised by the initial problems of Windows 11 22H2 with NVIDIA graphics cards, a problem that was confirmed by the technology itself. However, a quick response by it in the form of updating its drivers prevented this problem from escalating, forcing users to revert the update or, if unable to do so, suffer the penalty of said problem. And it is that, according to the same September survey, NVIDIA maintains a great dominance of the market, with a share of no less than 77%10% more than the data obtained in June.

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