Windows 11 will change the way you take a screenshot

The screenshot is a feature that has been present in the operating system practically forever. Thanks to it, when we click on the Print Screen key on the keyboard, we copy a literal image of what we are seeing on the screen to the Windows clipboard so that we can do what we want with it (for example, go to Paint, paste it and save it as an image). ). There is nothing simpler in the operating system. But with Windows 11this is going to change.

Although the screenshot is something basic and essential, depending on how we see it, it can also become something impractical, especially if we take screenshots often. Having to go to another program (like Paint), paste it, save it… the steps are somewhat tedious to repeat. Therefore, with Windows 10 Microsoft introduced a new keyboard shortcut with which using «Windows + Print Screen» It is possible to take a screenshot of the entire screen and save it directly in image format, inside the «Images / Screenshots» folder so as not to have to depend on any intermediate program (unless we need to edit the capture).

In addition to these native ways of capturing, Windows has a large number of programs, more complete, to improve the way of doing them. For example, we have the well-known ShareX, that allows us to crop and edit the image before saving it, payment tools like Ashampoo Snap, and even Microsoft has its own Crop Tool to edit and customize these captures.

With so much variety, Microsoft has finally made the decision to bring some order to Windows 11. And, very soon, the default way to take screenshots in the operating system is going to change forever.

Print Screen won’t save screenshot

The next Windows 11 patch, KB5025310, will introduce a change to the Windows 11 default setting for taking screenshots. Right now, within the accessibility options, we can find an option, which is deactivated by default, that allows us to configure Windows so that, when pressing the Print Screen key, instead of taking the screenshot, it opens the Snipping Tool of the operating system .

Snipping Tool Option Print Screen

This option is disabled by default, but, as of the aforementioned update, it will become the default option of Windows. In other words, once this patch is installed, when we press the Print Screen key, instead of save screenshot to clipboardwhat Windows will do is open this tool by default.

From our point of view, this is a totally unnecessary change. Users are used to a way of doing things, and those who don’t like it can change the behavior without problems, either by installing a third-party program, such as from the setting that we have shown before. Changing this feature will lead to confusion among users and sooner or later fill hard drives with unnecessary clippings for less experienced people. Luckily, reverting the change and going back to the original behavior is very easy.

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