Windows 7 finally says goodbye and it’s time to look for alternatives

Microsoft will end extended support for Windows 7 tomorrow, January 10, definitively ending what in the opinion of many was the last great operating system from the Redmond firm.

Windows 7 was released in October 2009, reached the end of mainstream support in January 2015, and extended support in January 2020. Its huge usage share (caused in part by the disastrous Windows 8) forced Microsoft to keep it on schedule. of extended security update (ESU) that ends precisely tomorrow. Personally, it’s the last great operating system from Microsoft that I’ve really liked and I’ve been using it on production machines until the last minute.

But not everything lasts forever in the current conditions of global cybersecurity with vulnerabilities and attacks on a daily basis, we cannot recommend the use of a system that does not have regular security updates since You will be exposed to computer attacks.

Alternatives to Windows 7?

According to Statcounter Windows 7 still has an 11% share in computer desks. There are millions of computers that will have to be updated. Microsoft recommends Windows 11 unsurprisingly: “Most Windows 7 devices will not meet the hardware requirements to upgrade to Windows 11, alternatively, Windows 7 compatible PCs can be upgraded to Windows 10 by purchasing and installing a full version of the software”says Microsoft, not without warning of support deadlines: “Before you invest in a Windows 10 upgrade, keep in mind that the system will reach its end of support date on October 14, 2025”.

That said, there are alternatives to continue on Windows or try other things. We remind you:

Free upgrade to Windows 10. The free upgrade to Windows 10 from older operating systems like Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 continues to work, although the campaign officially ended years ago. And it is the best option if you continue to bet on Microsoft developments.

Windows 10/Windows 11 license purchase. Microsoft offers Windows 10 Home or Pro licenses (upgradable to Windows 11) for an official price of $139 and $199, respectively. Of course, there are other types of licenses that can be used legally and are much cheaper, such as those for super cdk that we have been offering you in previous weeks and that allow you to buy a Windows 10 license for just 12 euros and from there upgrade to Windows 11 if you so decide.

Buying a new PC. There’s little to choose from here because Microsoft almost completely dominates the OEM channel and most new PCs are sold with Windows pre-installed and almost all of them with Windows 11.

linux. A great alternative to Windows 7 is to go free. On paper, any computer running Windows 7 today will be able to safely run a modern GNU/Linux distribution. They offer great support for the main architectures using free or proprietary drivers and you should not have problems to support at least the primary hardware, (board, processor, graphics, RAM, SSD…).

chrome OS. Today the Google system can cover the computing and entertainment needs of almost all users. It is clearly a platform on the rise, offers a consistent Linux base and has greatly improved both in terms of software and hardware.

macOS. Unfortunately, Apple has not licensed its operating systems to other manufacturers for many years and reserves them exclusively for its own. Except for the few enthusiasts who have a Mac clone under the Hackintosh technique, the option here is to buy a Mac.

Other alternatives. There is life beyond Windows, Linux and Mac. They are little known among the general public and cannot really compete with them on a commercial level, but they do exist and in this group we can point to FreeBSD, ReactOS or OpenBSD. Other possibilities include Chrome OS Flex, which allows the possibilities of Chromebooks to be brought to any Windows or Mac PC and is especially focused on low-resource personal computers. Along these lines, unofficial versions of Windows are also available, such as the AtlasOS that we presented to you last month.

what was said Windows 7 finally says goodbye and it’s time to look for alternatives. Also tomorrow, support for Windows 8.1 ends. If you bet on Microsoft systems, you should bet on Windows 10 and 11.

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