With the SNCF Connect app, it will be easier to take the train

SNCF will clean up its various mobile applications which unnecessarily complicate the lives of train users. The company will launch in January a unique app to find out about traffic and book a ticket.

Between Oui.SNCF (to buy his train ticket), Assistant SNCF (to follow the traffic information), OUIGO or even TGV INOUI Pro, the SNCF user can logically have his head spinning in front of this plethora of applications. . When to use such a service? To simplify its offer, SNCF has therefore decided to merge some of it into a single application, called SNCF Connect.

Simplify the user’s decision

This new application, which will combine Oui.SNCF and Assistant SNCF (the others will remain faithful to the post), will allow you to prepare your itinerary by train, but also by bus and metro anywhere in France, to buy a ticket (TGV INOUI , OUIGO, Intercités, TER, Thalys, Eurostar, TGV Lyria and transport in Ile-de-France), to top up transport tickets, to exchange and get reimbursed for train tickets, and to find out about the real-time traffic status.

SNCF Connect therefore groups together as much information as possible in one place, which also makes it easier to modify an option without having to juggle between applications. Anne Pruvot, CEO of Voyageurs SNCF, explained that this new unique platform must be able to “ offer all the richness of the offer and give the customer something simple “.

The SNCF gives few details on the operation and on the interface of the app, except for a visual (above). We just know that it will have a dark mode. Users of the Oui.SNCF app will only have to download the update that will be offered to them next month to take advantage of SNCF Connect.

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